18 Women-Led Startups Are Joining Babson College’s WIN Lab Accelerator Program

By Amit Chowdhry ● September 3, 2019
  • There are 18 women-led startups that were selected to participate in Babson College’s Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab Boston. These are the companies.

There are 19 high-potential women entrepreneurs representing eighteen ventures who have been selected to participate in Babson College’s Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab Boston — which is a unique, five-month accelerator designed for women entrepreneurs, by women entrepreneurs in order to empower them to build scalable businesses. Every year, WIN Lab Boston selects leading women entrepreneurs from Babson College in addition to opening up seats to founders in the broader startup ecosystem.

Built by Babson College, the WIN Lab integrates an impressive network of stakeholders with a business curriculum that is backed by research-based insights on the challenges uniquely faced by women entrepreneurs. This program launched in Boston in 2013 and expanded to Miami in 2016.  To date, 189 WIN Lab participants have completed the program with another 40 entering this year between the two cities.

“We are incredibly impressed by the group of applicants we had for the program this year, representing a wide range of industries,” said Babson WIN Lab Boston Director Kara Miller. “We have selected a fantastic group of women entrepreneurs and look forward to helping them bring their businesses to the next stage of growth.”


Susan Ticse

Founder & CEO

Altamira is a sustainable, premium alpaca apparel business with a strong social, economic and environmental engagement.


Meagan Priest

Co-Founder & CEO

Dottie is a living assistant device that helps people with memory challenges maintain their independence and communicate important information to family and caregivers.


Rachel King


EditMate is a video collaboration software and service. Marketing Teams around the world use EditMate to create video content with our mobile video tools, a network of vetted video editors and an easy to use project management system.

Fun World Language Academy

Silvia Dubinsky


Foreign Language classes for ages 3 to 103. We bring the brain-building benefits of bilingualism to students and expand their cultural horizon. Through high-quality gentle immersion classes, we increase the new generation’s cultural awareness and foster curiosity about the world as a global community.

Guilt Free

Isabel O’Dogherty

Founder & CEO

Guilt Free is a food and beverage company thought for people with diabetes, designed for everyone’s palate.

La Conexión

Melissa Castro


La Conexión is a Latino marketplace (food hall) that celebrates, builds community, and provides a vibrant environment for food explorers. We curate cultural experiences and offer food-centric consumers an opportunity to enjoy fresh, authentic, and high-quality Latin foods; think Eataly meets Latin America.


Kimia Sadeghi

Founder & CEO

Luana offers healthy, high-quality, Hawaiian-inspired juice blends that share the delicious flavors of Hawaii in the healthiest way possible. Our juices are always made with 100% juice, no added sugar, and no artificial flavors or sweeteners.


Sophia Bender Koning

Founder & CEO

A tech-savvy grandma on your phone, who knows you and everything you need as a new parent

Open Avenues

Danielle Goldman

Co-Founder & CEO

Open Avenues helps America’s fastest-growing companies navigate the complex immigration system, solve visa challenges, and retain foreign talent. Through the Open Avenues program, foreign nationals work with students at Open Avenues’ partner universities and become immediately eligible for an H-1B visa, exempt from the annual lottery cap.

Playa Society

Esther Wallace


Playa Society is a brand on a mission to celebrate + empower women in sports. Established in 2018, Playa Society creates sportswear designs that bring awareness to the social issues that female athletes face in an effort to influence social change, one t-shirt at a time.

Porté Bags

Elia Innamorati


Thoughtfully designed bags for beautiful traveling.

Purfect Palz

Ednaide Alves

Founder and CEO

Created by an RN with over 15 years of allergy and asthma experience, Purfect Palz is an entertaining new line of stuffed toys that feature an allergen resistant design. As a result of the design, children with allergies and asthma are given the opportunity to enjoy plush toys.


Raquel Phillips Co-Founder and COO Nicole Phillips

Qatchcode makes online shopping simple & satisfying by delivering small-batch, personalized clothing recommendations from a user’s favorite brands & websites, on one page.

Spring Tide Advisory

Patricia DiGirolomo


Spring Tide Advisory is a financial and strategic growth consulting firm, that focuses on uplifting female friendly voices and brands to the next stage of their company life cycle.


Melissa Martinelli

Co-Founder and CEO

Inspired by our Alpine roots, we upcycle surplus fresh whey (the liquid co-product of yogurt and cheesemaking) into valuable consumer products. Naturally packed with high quality electrolytes, B vitamins, calcium, and lactic acid, SUPERFRAU is truly nature’s energy drink.

Taylor Custom Rings

Ashley Taylor

Co-Founder We create custom jewelry that is both personal and ethical, using real mine-free diamonds and recycled precious metals.

The Collier Connection

Sheena Collier

Founder and CEO

The Collier Connection is a home for content, programming, and physical spaces to enhance the ways that black people experience Boston. TCC is building an ecosystem that connects black people to information, resources, experiences, and each other


Prabaarja Bedi


UNfabricated utilizes the usable waste generated in its family business and hand it over to a semi-skilled and motivated women workforce to manufacture authentic yet contemporary clothing, accessories, and home furnishings.