How 3Play Media Provides Fast-Turnaround Video Accessibility Services At Scale

By Dan Anderson ● May 22, 2019
  • 3Play Media — a provider of high-quality and fast-turnaround video accessibility services — has received a majority investment from Riverside Partners
  • 3Play Media’s technology solutions combine human editors with NLP

3Play Media is a premium provider of high-quality and fast-turnaround video accessibility services at scale. And 3Play Media essentially provides video captioning, transcription, subtitling, and audio description services to over 2,500 customers across multiple industries.

Recently it was announced that Boston-based private equity firm Riverside Partners, LLC completed a majority investment in 3Play Media.

“From the founding of the company, we’ve had a vision that one day, every video will be accessible for a variety of reasons and use cases. This partnership with Riverside Partners will ensure that we are on the forefront of making that reality even faster,” said 3Play Media co-CEO Josh Miller.

3Play Media’s technology solutions essentially employ an innovative approach that combines human editors with natural language processing and machine learning for guaranteeing high accuracy and a fast turnaround at scale.

“We are thrilled to partner with Chris Antunes and Josh Miller as founders and leaders of the business in order to support the significant continued growth of the Company. We were attracted to 3Play due to its demonstrated track record of success, its high quality and discerning recurring customer base and its proprietary, scalable software platform. Our significant investment in 3Play marks not only our recognition of the Company’s achievements to date but, as importantly, our belief in the continued future success,” added Riverside Partners general partner Michelle Noon.

3Play Media’s solutions automate video accessibility seamlessly for customers through accuracy of over 99%, user-friendly workflows, flexible APIs, and the highest number of integrations with video platforms and players in the market.

“Technology has had a deep impact on how people use and engage with media content. Riverside’s support as a technology investor will enable us to continue to deliver unparalleled video captioning and related services at scale for our customers, but also accelerate our product roadmap and organizational growth to serve customers, prospects, and partners better than ever,” explained 3Play Media co-CEO Christopher Antunes.

3Play Media’s customers are spread across many end markets including media/entertainment, e-learning, higher education, enterprises, e-commerce businesses, government agencies, etc.

“Among the many potential investments we evaluate, 3Play stood out to us as a highly differentiated, founder-led company with a leading market position and squarely within Riverside Partners’ area of experience and interest,” noted Riverside Partners general partner David Belluck.

The terms of the deal were undisclosed.

“We look forward to applying our experience as partners to management to build on the strength of the Company’s platform by expanding the offering for current and new customers,” commented Christopher Ryan — a partner with Riverside Partners.