About 300,000 Palm Pre Devices Sold

By Amit Chowdhry ● Jun 30, 2009

Charter Equity Research analyst Ed Snyder estimated that about 300,000 Palm Pre devices have been sold so far.  Apparently, these numbers are higher than Palm expected to sell because the company is still playing catch up.

When the Palm Pre was released, there were about 120,000 units available for in their inventory. Plus all of the inventory was sold within days of the phone’s launch.

Snyder estimates that the company is producing about 15,000 units per day as of right now.  This means that the Pre will ship about one million units to Sprint within the first quarter of their launch.  This is well “well above consensus.”

In conjunction with the unit sales, there were about 666,000 applications downloaded in the first 12 days.

These sales numbers have helped Sprint break sales records, helped boost Texas Instruments revenue growth, and is the reason why Jon Rubinstein is the new CEO of Palm.