Accuhealth And Signallamp Merging To Create Full Suite Of Remote Care Offerings

By Amit Chowdhry • Jul 9, 2024

Accuhealth and Signallamp Health, both of which are leading healthcare technology companies, announced a merger – which is funded by an additional investment from Sunstone Partners. The combination of the two companies creates a full suite of high-quality remote care offerings, including remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM) services to physician practices and health systems.

Based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Signallamp Health is a leading healthcare company that helps hospitals and health systems Take Care Further with remote Chronic Care Management that maximizes patient engagement to improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction and reduce the overall cost of care.

With Accuhealth and Signallamp united, the combined company is prepared to offer to its extensive client base of over 300 organizations a comprehensive suite of RPM and CCM services. And the combined company serves physician offices and health systems across 48 states and has a combined workforce in over 40 states across the US. Operating from offices in Tampa (FL), Scranton (PA), McAllen (TX), and Edinberg (TX). And the combined company remains committed to continuing to service customers from its existing locations.


“For the past 9 years, our focus has centered on delivering premier remote Chronic Care Management services, enhancing patient engagement to improve patient outcomes and physician satisfaction. Joining forces with Accuhealth, we are thrilled to broaden our collective offerings, extending comprehensive Remote Patient Management (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) services to physician practices and health systems.”

  • Drew Kearney, Co-Founder and CEO of Signallamp

“The combination of Accuhealth’s proprietary RPM solution alongside Signallamp Health’s CCM platform will deliver differentiated improvements in patient outcomes and satisfaction while supporting physicians and preventing high-cost health events. We are thrilled to be bringing these two businesses together.”

  • Chris Schmaltz, Executive Chairman of Accuhealth will become CEO of the combined business

“Remote healthcare services are pivotal in enhancing patient care accessibility, streamlining healthcare delivery, cutting costs, and nurturing stronger patient-physician relationships, ultimately elevating healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction. The merger of Signallamp and Accuhealth enhances our ability to support our clients, empower our employees, improve patient outcomes, and drive continued growth.”

  • Ankur Rathi, Partner at Sunstone Partners and member of the Board of the combined company