Aesthetic Partners: Clinical Practice Management Company Forms Strategic Partnership With Norwest

By Annie Baker ● Nov 16, 2023

Aesthetic Partners – a leading clinical aesthetics-focused practice management company – recently announced a strategic partnership with global investment firm Norwest to accelerate growth in new markets. And with Norwest’s support, Aesthetic Partners will invest in infrastructure and expansion across existing and new clinics.

Aesthetic Partners has joined forces with physician-led medical aesthetics, cosmetic dermatology, and plastic surgery clinics in prospering suburban markets throughout the U.S. And one of the first platform entrants in the booming aesthetics market, and it has added 20 practices since 2019, expanding throughout California, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Norwest’s Sonya Brown and Scott Mitchell are joining Aesthetic Partners’ board of directors. And together they bring more than two decades of investment experience that includes partnering with leadership teams to build successful clinical beauty and skincare businesses such as PCA Skin, MAËLYS, and Face Reality.

Aesthetic Partners is a pioneering clinical aesthetics practice management company that partners with practices to grow through expansion rather than consolidation under one enterprise. And this unique strategy enables partners to maintain brand equity and foster customer loyalty at the clinic level and within the community.

As part of this growth strategy, the company provides partners with a rigorous approach to talent development that includes best-in-class clinical and management training programs, promotional opportunities for high-performing members of its partner brand teams and a Medical Advisory Board comprised of physicians from partner brands, including published authors, AMI trainers and keynote conference leaders.


“Aesthetic Partners is one of the earliest players in the clinical aesthetics space and has demonstrated an exceptional track record of helping medical aesthetic, dermatology and plastic surgery practices across the country grow their businesses. We are excited to partner with the leadership team on Aesthetic Partners’ next phase of growth.”

— Sonya Brown, general partner at Norwest

“Norwest has a reputation as a growth partner that invests in forward-thinking brands. Their commitment to partnership and collaboration mirrors our own. At Aesthetic Partners, we don’t acquire just to acquire –– like Norwest, we partner selectively with accomplished founders seeking to achieve industry leadership. We want to complement the expertise of our portfolio of practice leaders, which requires a more nuanced approach than brands typically experience with a traditional private equity firm. We believe Norwest is the right partner to join us in this endeavor.”

— Courtney Ellenbogen, co-founder and co-CEO of Aesthetic Partners

“Courtney and I share a competitive nature, and we extend that to our portfolio to help them succeed. Our partners have a deep desire to grow while holding onto what makes them great, including their teams, brands and culture. Aesthetic Partners was built to help them achieve this vision, and Norwest aligns with our mission in every way –– from their focus on supporting founders to their commitment to excellence. We are thrilled to partner with them to unlock the next phase of growth for our portfolio.”

— Co-founder and co-CEO Faraz Karbasi

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