Aether Biomedical: Bionic Prosthetics Company Secures $5.8 Million

By Dan Anderson ● Nov 16, 2023

Aether Biomedical – a biotech company creating cutting-edge bionic prosthetics – recently announced the successful conclusion of a $5.8 million Series A funding round led by J2 Ventures and Story Ventures. The funding round also included participation from an existing partner, Chiratae Ventures.

This new funding round will enable Aether’s experienced team to expand manufacturing options for their premier product The Zeus hand, and advance research and development with the mission of creating healthcare technology and robotics that are based on human-centered design. Plus, Aether has committed 75% of its current workforce to research and development.

Aether Biomedical has been fitting the Zeus hand through orthotic and prosthetic care providers in the U.S. And in Europe, Aether has multiple clinics they have partnered with, such as Inovamed in Poland, with plans for continued expansion.

Since founding in 2017, Aether has created and distributed hundreds of Zeus hands. Thus far in 2023, the company has distributed 250+ Zeus hands, with plans for distributing products to war-ridden territories, including Ukraine.


“I founded Aether Biomedical with a resolute commitment to make bionics accessible for all people. The Zeus hand has unmatched intelligence and answers an unmet need in upper limb prosthetics. We know that upper limb amputees want stronger grips and less downtime if their prosthesis needs maintenance. As such, we’ve developed new cloud-based technology, akin to modern smart home devices, to increase communication between provider and patient, shortened the time of maintenance by sending parts directly to providers, and improved grip strength by 30-40% over other market options. This funding will support these continued initiatives – all in the service of helping those with upper limb prosthetics function with more ease.”

— Dhruv Agrawal, CEO and co-founder of Aether Biomedical

“The Zeus hand is modernizing technology for upper limb patients and has been purpose built to keep human beings at their top potential. We are thrilled to be able to support Aether Biomedical in this funding round to help the end user get the experience they need in a large and important market that has been underserved.”

— Alex Harstrick, Managing Director of J2 Ventures

“We have been supportive of Aether from their early days, and we are as bullish as ever on the impact of connected hardware within healthcare. Patient-provider communication, device functionality, patient insights, and eventual outcomes will be meaningfully improved through these emergent technologies. We are honored to support Aether as they lead innovation in this space.”

— Brian Yormak, Managing Director of Story Ventures

“We are the only hand on the market that doesn’t make you send it back to the manufacturer if it needs maintenance. We send the replacement parts to the clinician who services the hand in their clinic. This shortens the duration of getting it fixed from 6-8 weeks to next day air.”

— Sarra Mullen, Certified Prosthetist and Head of U.S. Operations for Aether Biomedical

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