AI-Based Creative Media Company D-ID Raises $25 Million

By Dan Anderson ● Mar 29, 2022
  • D-ID recently announced it raised $25 million in funding. These are the details.

D-ID – a leader in AI-driven creative media – recently announced a $25 million Series B round, led by investment firm Macquarie Capital with significant investments from Pitango, AXA Venture Partners, OurCrowd, OIF, Maverick and Marubeni. This new funding round brings D-ID’s total funding to $48 million.

The funding round proceeds will enable D-ID to double the number of experts on its world-class deep-learning and computer vision teams, broadening the scope and reach of its pioneering technology as it continues to produce products that transform the digital-human interface. And the funding round will also enable D-ID to expand and support the company’s sales and marketing teams in the United States, APAC and EMEA.

The Digital Human and Metaverse market is set to grow over tenfold in the coming decade. And D-ID is rapidly engaging new clients in the fields of e-learning, corporate training, marketing communications, AI assistants, history and heritage.

D-ID utilizes AI and deep learning to develop reenactment-based products ranging from animating still photos to developing high-quality digital avatars. And D-ID’s wide range of customers include Warner Bros. Studios, Mondelez, Publicis and MyHeritage, whom D-ID partnered with to create the viral sensation Deep Nostalgia (which has created nearly 100 million animations since its launch), and LiveStory (which enables the creation of AI-generated biographical videos narrated by photos of users’ ancestors). 

Plus D-ID has also partnered with The Glimpse Group, a diversified virtual reality and augmented reality platform, to develop AI, AR, and VR applications for the Metaverse. And D-ID is leading the charge to leverage Synthetic Media for good. The company worked with nonprofit organizations and governments in public awareness campaigns on sensitive issues such as domestic violence and HIV awareness.


“Over the past year we have witnessed the skyrocketing success of our technology across so many applications and industries, with the power to generate so much good. We are incredibly grateful for this new round of funding and strong partnership with Macquarie, which will enable us to scale up our business and our technology to the next level. We’re excited for what the future holds.”

— Gil Perry, CEO and Co-Founder of D-ID

“Our purpose is about empowering people to innovate and invest for a better future. D-ID helps us imagine that future. We’re delighted to gain exposure to this rapidly growing sector. This technology offers so many uses across such a wide variety of industries. They’re true pioneers in a pioneering market. We know this is just the beginning for D-ID and Macquarie.”

— David Standen, Global Co-Head of Macquarie Capital Venture Capital Group