Application Error Monitoring Company Airbrake Raises $11 Million

By Amit Chowdhry ● April 12, 2020
  • Airbrake — a leading application performance and code-level error monitoring software company — announced it raised $11 million in funding

Airbrake — a leading application performance and code-level error monitoring software company — announced it raised $11 million in funding led by Elsewhere Partners. Elsewhere is an Austin, Texas-based venture capital firm founded by Chris Pacitti and John Thornton.

What does Airbrake do? Airbrake is known for offering real-time error monitoring for the end-to-end application stack, improving the efficiency of continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD).

And Airbrake is taking CI/CD to the next level by revealing real-time application errors, combining code-scanning, and error-logging before it reaches the end-user. This increases the velocity that companies can release high-quality applications, reduces development costs, and improves customer retention.

Several senior-level software company veterans joined Airbrake to expand its go-to-market strategy and product roadmap. And the team plans to focus on increasing value to the developer community and helping businesses accelerate digital transformation. The expanded executive team includes:

– Shelley Perry, Executive Chairman (Insight Partners, NTT, HP, TicketMaster)

– Treb Ryan, CEO (Dimension Data, OpSource)

– Eric Anderson, CTO (CopperEgg, Oracle, StackEngine)

– Chad Savoy, CRO (Datadog, SolarWinds)

– Joe Godfrey, CPO (Amazon, Ancestry)

Airbrake helps thousands of engineering teams build and deploy great software. And Airbrake provides real-time feedback on what’s broken, who is affected, and how to fix it. This allows teams to ship better quality software with speed and confidence. Plus it fits seamlessly within the existing workflow, integrating with Slack, JIRA, GitHub, GitLab, and other popular productivity tools.

There are thousands of companies using Airbrake to handle hundreds of millions of errors every month This includes the world’s leading streaming entertainment services, digital home security monitoring, and customer service and engagement platforms.

Key Quotes:

“We’re excited to continue nurturing the strong relationships Airbrake has built with customers in the developer community. Once dev teams try Airbrake, they uncover real-world errors across the entire solution that they never knew existed.”

-Airbrake CEO Treb Ryan

“Airbrake is a textbook example of the success of product-led growth. This investment allows Airbrake to focus on value-led growth, which includes increasing customer feedback, building community, and investing in partnerships within the CI/CD ecosystem.”

-Shelley Perry, Executive Chairman of Airbrake

“Airbrake grew rapidly and profitably under the product-focused leadership of Joe Godfrey. The company created a product that developers love, and Airbrake has grown organically as a result, without dedicated sales and marketing teams.”

-Nick Stoffregen, Vice President at Elsewhere Partners