Amazon Introduces Alexa Cast For Controlling Music

By Noah Long ● July 26, 2018

Today Amazon has launched a new feature for Echo speakers called Alexa Cast. This feature allows users to control what is playing on their Alexa-enabled devices from their smartphone. 

The Alexa Cast feature only works with the Amazon Music app for controlling music playback for now. But it seems likely that Amazon will be expanding this feature to control TV shows, movies, and podcasts later on.

The Alexa Cast feature works on any Alexa-enabled device including the Echo speakers, third-party Alexa products, and certain Amazon Fire devices. 

You will be able to access the Amazon Cast feature from the Amazon Music app on iOS and Android. The Alexa Cast icon will appear on the Now Playing section.

You may notice that the Amazon Alexa Cast icon looks very similar to the Google Cast icon. Google Cast is also used for controlling audio and video on smart TVs and speakers from your mobile devices. Apple’s equivalent of the Amazon Cast feature is known as AirPlay, which connects with Apple TV streaming boxes, wireless headphones, and the HomePod smart speakers.

Amazon Music screenshot

After tapping on the icon, you will have to tap on the Alexa-enabled device that you want to control the music on. From there, the Amazon Music app will stay in sync with the speakers. 

Prior to launching the Alexa Cast feature, you would have to control Amazon Music on your speakers by using voice commands or through the use of a Bluetooth pairing setup. The Alexa Cast feature does not require an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. It will work with Amazon Prime Music, which is part of Amazon Prime.