Amazon Echo Clock Helps You See Alexa Timers On Your Wall

By Noah Long ● September 20, 2018

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock helps keep you and your family organized at home by keeping track of your Alexa timers, alarms, and reminders. And the Echo Wall Clock utilizes Bluetooth to connect to the Echo device of customers. But the Echo Wall Clock does not have microphones so it cannot respond to commands through the clock itself.

Photo: Amazon


So you will have to use a different Alexa-compatible device to set the timers. Once the timer is set, a set of LED lights will appear around the clock — which shows how much time is left the in the timer, alarm, etc. Multiple timers can be set and the clock chimes when it reaches an alarm time or the timer has ended. When you add another timer, then it appears in a different color LED.

The Echo Clock makes adjustments based on the exact time. So when Daylight Savings time kicks in, the Echo Clock is able to adapt.

The nice thing about making a wall clock smart is that it many people prefer to look at analog clocks since it sometimes looks classier in a room compared to a digital clock.


Another nice thing about the Echo Clock is the price. It only costs $30.

Here is how Amazon describes the Echo Clock:


“Echo Wall Clock, an Echo companion to see timers and reminders at a glance, helps you stay organized and on time at home. Set timers on your paired Echo device with your voice. Just say, ‘Alexa, set a 12-minute timer’ and your clock will display the time remaining, as well as a countdown for the last 60 seconds.”