Amazon Reveals New Echo Show, Echo Dot, And Echo Plus Devices

By Amit Chowdhry ● September 20, 2018

Amazon has announced several new Echo devices. In terms of smart speakers, Amazon revealed new Echo Show, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus devices. The new Echo smart speaker devices have improved sounds and smoother designs compared to their predecessors.

New Echo Dot


Photo: Amazon

The third generation Echo Dot has rounded corners and it is covered in fabric, which makes it look much more decorative.

The Echo Dot is slightly bigger than the previous model, but this brings a louder speaker and enhanced sound quality. This may give consumers even more of a reason to stick with the Echo Dot rather than the larger Echo Plus.


“The team has packed a lot into a small form factor. There’s a brand new mic array that gives it better performance. The driver is now much larger – we went from a 1.1” driver to a 1.6” driver so we can deliver more powerful sound with lower distortion and enhanced bass reproduction,” said Amazon in a statement. “And, we’re now driving the speaker with more power, which helps us increase the overall max volume. The new Echo Dot is now 70 percent louder.”

The new Echo Dot has four microphones compared to seven in the previous model. However, the microphones are more high-end so it can still easily pick up audio commands.


New Echo Show

Photo: Amazon

The new version of the Echo Show has a larger screen and a much cleaner design compared to the previous version. With the sleeker design, the new Echo Show will look good on night stands, kitchen counters, and entertainment centers.

The Echo Show has a 10-inch display. And there are two side firing two-inch neodymium drivers and a radiator for the sharp bass. Plus it is louder than the original Echo Show. And it is covered in fabric.

The new version of the Echo Show comes with update software, which is more visually appealing. Amazon also added web browsers to the new Echo Show such as the Amazon Silk browser and Firefox. You can visit any website through these browsers, but it does not support voice navigation yet. To open the browser, you have to use a voice command and then type in the address with the on-screen keyboard.

Amazon has also partnered with Microsoft to add Skype to the Echo Show. And Amazon also partnered with Hulu so subscribers can access live TV.

Developers can build apps for the Echo Show by using the new Alexa Presentation Language (APL). With the Alexa Presentation Language, developers can make apps with user interfaces compatible with the Echo Show. APL is similar to HTML and Javascript. With APL, developers can build apps ranging from the smaller Echo Spot up to the Fire TV on the big screens.

New Echo Plus

Amazon also unveiled a new Echo Plus, which also has a new design and better sound quality. The new Echo Plus is a bit shorter and wider. But is still retained its cylinder shape. And Amazon also covered the Echo Plus with fabric as well.

The Echo Plus has a temperature sensor so you can ask the device what the temperature in the room is. And this allows you to set up Routines for air conditioners and heaters.

New Features Added To All Of These Echo Devices

Amazon added the ability to pair two speakers in a stereo setup across all of these new Echo devices. And adding an Echo sub makes it a 2.1 system.

These new Echo devices are available for ordering now. But they won’t start shipping until next week.

The price of the devices are:
Echo Show – $229.99
Echo Dot – $49.99
Echo Plus – $149.99