AI-Powered Smart Storage Company Amber Raises $13 Million In Funding

By Annie Baker • Dec 17, 2018

Amber, a company that developed an all-in-one AI-Powered Smart Storage Platform, has raised $13 million in funding from Tyche Partners and individual strategic investors.

One of the biggest problems that Amber is looking to solve involves the unprecedented amount of personal information that is accessible and stored beyond the control of its owners. This means that photos, videos, and other files and susceptible to hacking and privacy invasion. And consumers are desiring an ultra-secure cloud network for storing and sharing photos and videos in private.

Amber also features AI-based facial recognition technology to find and organize photos and videos. And it offers seamless connectivity with other devices plus remote access.

Dr. Pantas Sutardja, the founder and CEO of Amber, recognized the device for a single device to intelligently unify storage and offer the ability to share personal media while maintaining privacy and security. Dr. Sutardja created Amber and the company’s Personal Hybrid Cloud to ensure that sensitive files are protected from loss and outsiders, but can still be shared with family and friends. And Dr. Sutardja is also known as the co-founder of storage and semiconductor company Marvell Technology Group and pioneering chip development at IBM.

“We’re excited to announce our new round of funding to help scale our business and ultimately drive our mission to protect the memories and files of our users,” said Dr. Sutardja. “We’re proud to shield these consumers from the endless security threats present in today’s world. They deserve to share their memories on their terms.”

Amber plans to use this round of funding to scale its business, which now has more than 100 employees. For example, the company recently hired Carlos Rodriguez as Chief Marketing Officer. Rodriguez has spent the last few decades marketing hardware products for companies like Maxim Integrated, Canary, Sevenhugs, and Skully.  

“At Tyche Partners, we strive to invest in transformational companies and visionary founders,” added Tyche Partners founder and managing partner Weijie Yun. “Pantas and the Amber team have assembled an impressive and visionary product with a strong unmet demand: safeguarding the pictures and videos that define our most valuable memories in life. The Amber platform is  breaking new ground in digital storage and enabling impactful adoption of personal cloud and cybersecurity in a truly easy to use interface.”

Amber has sold out of its pre-orders that are slated for shipment of Q1 and the company quickly released a second batch available for delivery after that. Amber costs $549.99 and it can be ordered online now from