Amperity Buys Customer Analytics Platform Custora: Details About The Deal

By Annie Baker ● November 9, 2019
  • Amperity, the first AI-powered Customer Data Management platform, announced it recently acquired Custora. These are the details.

Amperity — the first AI-powered Customer Data Management platform — announced recently that it acquired Custora, a leading customer analytics platform for consumer brands. Going forward, brands will have access to a Customer 360 data foundation with high-quality customer analytics and activation tools that are fully customizable for a business’s specific needs.

Through the addition of Custora to the Amperity team, it brings together strong talent in the customer data management space thus allowing Amperity to accelerate its product roadmap to develop the most advanced machine learning platform for unifying and analyzing customer data.

Amperity and Custora have more than a decade of proven value with their Customer 360 and advanced analytics solutions. And the companies have played a mission-critical role in managing customer data across a combined portfolio of brands including many from the S&P 500 such as Starbucks, The Gap Inc., Alaska Airlines, MGM Resorts, Tiffany & Co, Planet Fitness, Lucky Brand, TGI Fridays, J.Crew, Uniqlo, Kenneth Cole, e.l.f. Cosmetics, and Crocs.

“We started Amperity to give brands the data and power needed to unleash their best ideas and unlock tremendous value for the consumer – our mission is singularly focused on helping people use data to serve the customer,” said Kabir Shahani, CEO and co-founder of Amperity. “After seeing so many of our customers achieve something they never thought possible – connecting all their data to a complete, accurate, and up-to-date 360 – it became clear that in order to truly achieve our mission, we needed to expand our aperture to give brands more insight on their customers. This partnership represents a major milestone in Amperity’s growth, allowing us to accelerate value for our customers and deliver the comprehensive end-to-end platform they need.”

Going forward, Custora’s functionality will be integrated with the Amperity platform. Some of the capabilities that will be added to the Amperity Customer 360 platform include Predictive Customer Insights (insights on every customer profile), Campaign Planning (drag-and-drop for revenue forecasting and opportunity sizing), Cross-Channel Campaign Deployment & A/B Testing (integrations with leading marketing technology to orchestrate and measure the incremental benefit from cross-channel personalization), and Customer Retention Optimization (functionality to enable brands to take control of the biggest challenges in loyalty such as customer attrition).

“Amperity delivers unified customer data profiles with a completeness that we rely on to help us make decisions that drive the growth of the business,” added Michael Relich, Chief Operating Officer at Lucky Brand. “The ability to quickly identify customers and trends, and then apply deeper insights, is hugely valuable to us and any brand looking to modernize their business. As a customer of both companies, I’m looking forward to working with one team to improve our ability to identify and engage with our highest value, most loyal customers.”

“We have a similar mission at Custora – to help brands improve customer relationships through a deep understanding of who they are and how to connect with them as individuals. In working with Amperity over the past couple of years, we immediately recognized their capability to rapidly and accurately deliver the elusive Customer 360. We couldn’t be more excited to join forces. Combined, on a single platform, we’ll have the ability to modernize a brand’s entire customer data infrastructure – from the way customer data is unified and stored, to how the entire enterprise can access the data they need to make daily decisions around better personalizing the customer experience,” added Custora CEO and co-founder Corey Pierson.

These models will offer brands a rare time-to-value for the industry when it is deployed on top of Amperity’s Customer 360 — which is typically under 90 days. And Amperity will also enable brands to export the basis of these models and customize them for specific business needs.

As part of the acquisition, Custora is rebranding and becoming Amperity’s East Coast headquarters. In the past year, Amperity doubled its headcount and the addition of Custora will bring the total employee count to 175.