Apple Reportedly Acquired DataTiger And PullString

By Annie Baker ● February 18, 2019

This past week, it was reported that Apple acquired DataTiger and PullString. DataTiger is a U.K. based digital marketing company and PullSTring is a company that assists with the design of voice-based apps.



Apple’s acquisition of DataTiger was determined by an unspecified regulatory filing published in December as reported by Bloomberg. The regulatory filing says that Apple now controls Operatedata Ltd., which is the operating name for DataTiger. It is unknown when the transaction was completed and what the terms of the deal were.

In his LinkedIn profile, DataTiger CEO Philipp Mohr describes the company as: “A highly scalable marketing solution that is truly fit for the era of user-demanded personalization, AI-assisted marketing, large volumes of data, real-time data requirements, and tight data privacy.” And Mohr said that DataTiger’s goal is to bring “email-list thinking” and “slow, campaign-based marketing to an end”

What Apple is planning to do with DataTiger is unknown. But it seems likely that Apple will tap into the technology for insights around digital efforts such as email lists, social media, and push notifications on mobile devices.



According to Axios, Apple also reportedly acquired a company called PullString (known as ToyTalk) — which could accelerate the pace that the Siri digital assistant integrates with third-party products. PullString essentially assists with the design of voice apps for physical products.


PullString was created by several former Pixar executives. And the company’s technology was used in a number of toys with voices. For example, PullString developed the app for the Barbie and Thomas The Tank Engine toy.

And PullString’s Converse application makes it easier to build voice-enabled apps. Developers have also used the PullString platform to build Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Home Actions.

Prior to the acquisition, PullString raised more than $44 million. Some of the company’s investors include Khosla Ventures, CRV, Greylock, First Round, and True Ventures.