Apple iPhone 11 Rumor: Three New Models With A New Taptic Engine

By Annie Baker ● July 25, 2019
  • There are rumors that Apple will be releasing three new iPhones this year with a new taptic engine, according to 9to5Mac’s sources

According to sources with Guilherme Rambo of 9to5Mac, Apple is reportedly going to release three iPhone 11 models this year. Rambo’s sources have “seen the devices” and provided the following information:

– The iPhone 11 models are known as D42 (iPhone12,3) replacing the iPhone XS, D43 (iPhone12,5) replacing the iPhone XS Max, and N104 (iPhone12,1) replacing the iPhone XR. D42 and D43 are going to have a 3x OLED Retina Display and N104 will still have a 2x Liquid Retina display. And all three models will feature Apple’s A13 chip, which is internally being referred to as Cebu (model T8030).

How will the devices be charged? There have been rumors that Apple was going to use USB-C for the new devices. However, Rambo’s sources claim that Apple is still sticking with Lightning ports.


The iPhone 11 models will also have a new Taptic Engine codenamed “leap haptics.”

The devices that are replacing the iPhone XS models will have three cameras that will likely be contained within a square housing on the rear. One of the cameras will have a wide-angle, which will have a feature known as “Smart Frame.” This will capture the area around the framed area in photos and videos so users can adjust it or set up automatic perspective.

It is also rumored that the front-facing camera on the iPhone 11 will be upgraded. And it will have 120 fps support for slow-motion recording.