Apple iPhone 12 Rumor Indicates Same Notch Will Still Be Used

By Dan Anderson ● August 10, 2020
  • An image of an alleged iPhone 12 (expected to be announced in September or October 2020) has been leaked. These are the details.

An image of an alleged iPhone 12 (expected to be announced in September or October 2020) has been leaked by Twitter user laobaiTD — who goes by the name “Mr. White.” The image of the leaked iPhone 12 indicates that Apple will still use the same signature notch on the front of the device:


This is not the first time that Mr. White leaked accurate information, according to MacRumors. Back in June, Mr. White also shared images of a 20-watt PD USB-C adapter, which is rumored to be included in the box with the upcoming iPhone 12.

The Face ID camera is expected to be the same size so the same larger-sized notch that first arrived with the iPhone X in November 2017 will likely be used in the 2020 flagship devices.

The leak that was also published by “Mr. White” also seems to be reaffirmed by Giulio Zompetti (Twitter user: @1nsane_dev) via Forbes:


The chassis with the notch leaked above appears to be linked to a 5.4-inch device. So Apple may have a different design for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. But with all leaks, everything is speculation at this point since Apple tends to have tricks up its sleeve from time-to-time.

What will some of the other iPhone 12 features be?

One of the biggest changes in the iPhone 12 is reportedly going to be 5G compatibility. This feature also feels like a necessity since Apple is the laggard for offering a device that offers 5G support. It is unknown whether Apple will have the faster mmWave support for 5G though.

It sounds likely that the iPhone 12 will have an Apple A14 chipset inside, which is the first 5-nanometer chip used by Apple. The 5-nanometer chip (being manufactured by TSMC) is expected to bring much more high performance than iPhones have had in the past.

There are also rumors that there will be an iPhone 12 option that features a 5.4-inch screen. Other screen size options are expected to be 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch for the “iPhone 12 Pro” and “iPhone 12 Pro Max,” respectively.

In terms of photography, it is rumored that the camera array on the back of the iPhone 12 Pro series will have a 3D triple-lens that uses lasers for calculating depth information for the subjects — which would be similar to the LiDAR Scanner system built into the 2020 iPad Pro.