Apple Is Reportedly Having Trouble Naming Its Upcoming iPhones

By Dan Anderson ● Updated August 30, 2018

There are rumors that Apple will be launching three new iPhones this year. Apple usually announces its new iPhones in September followed by a release a couple weeks later, but last year the iPhone X release time was pushed to November due to supplier constraints. This year, Apple is going to retain many of the changes that were applied to the iPhone X.

Of the three iPhones that are expected to be released this year, one of them is expected to be a 6.5-inch iPhone (codenamed D33) with dual cameras instead of the three cameras that were rumored earlier. This larger-sized iPhone is believed to support Split View (two apps being run side-by-side). Another one of this year’s iPhones is believed to have subtle improvements over this year’s iPhone X (codenamed D32). And the third iPhone (codenamed N84) is expected to have a 6.1-inch LCD screen and aluminum edges rather than steel and a number of color options. The average price of the iPhones is also expected to be increased.

What all three will have in common is that they will have the Face ID facial recognition system built-in. Some Apple employees are using the “S” moniker for the names for this year’s iPhones and there are plans to introduce more notable features next year. 


Interestingly, Bloomberg has reported that Apple is having some hiccups with the branding of its three iPhones for this year. For example, the cheapest iPhone will be bigger than the iPhone X so the “Plus” name may be dropped from the line of names. And apparently, the “iPhone Xs” is being considered.