Apple Hires Zach Kahn From Vox Media For Podcast PR

By Annie Baker ● Dec 19, 2019
  • Apple has confirmed that it has hired Zach Kahn as the head of public relations for its podcast operations

Apple has hired Zach Kahn as the head of its public relations for its podcast operations, according to Variety. Kahn is joining Apple from Vox Media.

At Apple, Kahn is going to report to Apple senior director of communications Tom Neumayr. Neumayr had confirmed Kahn’s hiring to Variety. Kahn will be officially joining Apple in January 2020.

It is rumored that Apple will be funding original podcast programming that would be exclusive to its platform. And Apple is reportedly talking to media companies to potentially gain the exclusive rights to certain podcasts.

Kahn is going to move from New York to California. Before working at Vox Media for more than three years, Kahn also held positions at Google, Nest, and Uber.

Another key Apple hire in the podcasting industry includes Emily Ochsenschlager. And Apple Podcasts is being overseen by Ben Cave.

As of now, the Apple Podcasts app has more than 750,000 shows and 20 million episodes.