AppMap Launches Runtime Code Review Solution To Transform Software Quality

By Annie Baker • Nov 18, 2023

AppMap recently announced its innovative Runtime Code Review solution to transform software quality and the developer experience. AppMap has also raised $10 million from an assembled team of investors with deep expertise in developer-led growth, DevSecOps, and the observability market.

The company’s key investors include Work-Bench Ventures, Forgepoint Capital, Venture Guides, Unusual Ventures, and Dell Technology Capital, with support from Uncorrelated Ventures, Secure Octane, Argon Ventures, and select angels. This funding round will accelerate the development of AppMap’s industry-leading platform, grow the team, and expand the company’s go-to-market.

AppMap’s goal is to deliver actionable insights to developers where they work. Plus, AppMap continues to deliver on the promise with its latest release for the GitHub Marketplace.

The unexpected runtime defects account for 40% of performance problems and 50% of security defects. And AppMap directly addresses this issue with its industry-first automated Runtime Code Review to find and fix runtime flaws before release. And unlike static code analysis and LLM-based code review, Runtime Code Review surfaces insights that are only visible while code executes with new data about code behavior and novel code quality analyses. AppMap’s new release detects and fixes critical runtime performance, security, and stability issues earlier than ever, ensuring trouble-free code release to production.

Without AppMap, developers usually spend 40% of their time each week in break-fix development cycles. And with Runtime Code Review from AppMap, cycles of runtime investigation and code repair drop from weeks to minutes, saving organizations development time and money. AppMap’s first CI release, the company’s new GitHub Action, brings instant insights to developers where they evaluate code quality in the pull request.

AppMap’s users compare it to a robot software “architect” that evaluates and explains every permutation of a code change on the code’s runtime behavior. And each defect that AppMap finds gets a root cause diagnosis of problems, such as failing test cases, breaking API changes, newly introduced performance problems, and new runtime security flaws.

Beyond finding problems, each automated review includes a set of interactive visual maps explaining the behavior causing the issue. And this analysis of new code behavior is particularly valuable in evaluating problems with AI-generated code. AppMap runtime code review and maps save development teams hours reproducing problems and making repairs and lighten the load on humans evaluating code changes for critical defects before release.

The company more than tripled its integrated development environment (IDE) installations since launching its code editor extensions at TechCrunch in 2022. And AppMap’s language-specific libraries have been distributed to codebases in 160 countries worldwide, amassing over 1 million downloads. The CI release in the GitHub Marketplace is the company’s first team-focused product built on the company’s enthusiasm for developer-focused products in the VS Code and JetBrains marketplaces.


“AppMap’s Runtime Code Review is a natural extension of the AppMap experience geared for software development organizations. Runtime code review detects code quality issues that organizations care about most: breaking changes, slow performance, and hidden application security defects. Runtime code review provides the insight every development team needs to evaluate the impact of code and release with confidence. Human coders or AI coders: runtime analysis works well for both.”

— Elizabeth Lawler, founder and CEO of AppMap

“Improving software behavior earlier in the Software Development Life Cycle is more critical than ever for enterprises as DevOps gains are slowing. AppMap’s Runtime Code Review provides insights precisely when and where new code is introducing quality issues the business cares about, without the overhead and expense of instrumentation. With AppMap, enterprises can build faster and more securely, gaining significant competitive advantage.”

— Jon Lehr, General Partner of Work-Bench Ventures and AppMap Board member