Autonomize AI: $4 Million Secured For Specializing In Life Sciences

By Annie Baker • May 14, 2023

Autonomize AI – a trusted artificial intelligence (AI) company for healthcare and life sciences – announced it has closed a $4 million seed round to support the development and scaling of the company’s AI platform. And Asset Management Ventures led the round, with participation from ATX Venture Partners, Loop Ventures, and The Next Practices Group.

Autonomize AI is going to use the seed funding to boost its R&D and commercialization efforts. Launched in 2022, Autonomize AI offers software products to lower costs and improve operational efficiencies for healthcare and life sciences organizations.

The products include:

— Autonomize Pixel, which accelerates clinical trials through more efficient workflows and optimal protocol design, feasibility studies and patient matching.

— Autonomize Wizard, which augments clinical decisions by providing multi-modal chart insights for research, payer administration, registries and decision-making.

— Generative AI, which offers conversational, search, and summarization capabilities for secure internal data sources, contextualized for different user types.

Autonomize AI’s solutions were built on a secure cloud-based platform optimized for the healthcare industry that supports multi-modal data types and utilizes pre-trained medical large language models (LLMs). And these LLMs may be fine-tuned to private data and deployed into virtual private cloud environments. Plus Autonomize AI’s privacy filter automatically identifies and anonymizes personally identifiable information and personal health information.

The company’s platform enables organizations to use AI capabilities without compromising patient data privacy and security. And by focusing on human-centered workflows, Autonomize AI is building the equivalent of the J.A.R.V.I.S. system (featured in Marvel’s Iron Man movies) for all healthcare workers to augment and empower their expertise.


“Despite the abundance of data and the availability of cutting-edge technology like AI, healthcare is broken for the patient. We are putting the patient back in the center of the healthcare ecosystem by empowering every knowledge worker with insights, content and context to do their best work and drive 100-times better patient outcomes. We are assembling some of the best scientists, researchers and engineers to solve this critical problem.”

— Ganesh Padmanabhan, Autonomize AI founder and CEO

“We believe that Autonomize AI holds the key to unlocking the vast potential of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing healthcare. While there is a lot of talk about AI in healthcare, extracting the insights buried within unstructured medical data in various silos is essential for fostering breakthroughs in patient care and overall health outcomes. We are thrilled to partner with this seasoned team, as they lead the charge in harnessing the power of AI to create a healthier future for all.”

— Skip Fleshman, Asset Management Ventures General Partner

“We evaluated several vendors building vertical solutions for patient matching and medical records review, but they offered limited solutions. Almost no existing platform consumes unstructured data and serves multiple contextual use cases. Autonomize AI has added tremendous value to SubjectWell in a short period of time by making our medical records review for clinical trials 10 times more efficient and accurate.”

— Ivor Clarke, SubjectWell Chief Operating Officer