Bain Capital Announces $530 Million Crypto Fund

By Amit Chowdhry ● Mar 8, 2022
  • Bain Capital announced it launched a $530 million fund to support crypto/web3 builders. These are the details.

Bain Capital — a leading private multi-asset alternative investment firm with $155 billion in assets under management — announced it launched a $530 million fund to support crypto/web3 builders from seed through growth with a highly technical and collaborative approach. 

Bain Capital Crypto (BCC) grew out of the work at BCV, which has actively invested in the crypto space through both protocols and companies for the last 7 years. And the firm believes that they are at the precipice of a monumental technology shift towards open, community-driven, and decentralized services.

Bain Capital Ventures (BCV) partner Stefan Cohen told CoinDesk that Bain Capital Crypto is oriented around early-stage investing all the way through liquid tokens.

“We’re at the very early innings of a multi-decade technology shift by which the internet is going to be re-architected on open, community-owned public standards,” said Cohen via CoinDesk. “In order to properly invest against that macro trend, we really need a dedicated investment platform that’s designed around the needs of the founders and the ecosystem.”

Cohen and BCV partner Alex Evans are co-leading this fund. And there are 7 members split nearly evenly between researchers and investors.