BairesDev: An Interview With CEO And Co-Founder Nacho De Marco

By Amit Chowdhry • Jun 10, 2024

BairesDev is an expert partner that works with clients to build high-quality software solutions with speed and precision. Pulse 2.0 interviewed BairesDev CEO and co-founder Nacho De Marco to learn more about the company.

Nacho De Marco’s Background

What is De Marco’s background? De Marco said:

“With over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, my journey began in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I started as a Software Developer. Over the years, I’ve worn various hats, from Project Manager to Freelance Consultant. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate to co-found BairesDev, which has grown into one of the largest bootstrapped unicorns globally. Additionally, I’ve ventured into the world of venture capital with BDev Ventures. My journey has been a testament to hard work, support from friends, mentors, and family, and perhaps a touch of luck. I’m truly grateful for the opportunities and accomplishments that have come my way.”

“As the co-founder and CEO of BairesDev, my primary responsibilities revolve around shaping the strategic direction of the company, fostering growth, and ensuring alignment with our core values and vision. This involves overseeing various aspects of the business, including operations, client relationships, and innovation. Additionally, I play a crucial role in leading our team and cultivating a culture of excellence and collaboration within the organization.”

Formation Of BairesDev

How did the idea for BairesDev come together? De Marco shared:

“The idea for BairesDev stemmed from a practical need for skilled software engineers. In 2009, my friend Paul Azorin and I were working for a client who had a project of a larger scale than what we were used to. We quickly realized we needed to assemble a team of software engineers for this project. Recognizing the potential in this endeavor, I partnered with Paul, and together, we embarked on the project, laying the foundation for what would eventually become BairesDev and BDev Ventures.”

Favorite Memory

What has been your favorite memory working for BairesDev so far? De Marco reflected:

“One of the most fulfilling aspects of my journey with BairesDev has been embracing a full commitment to the endeavor. It was during the challenging economic downturn of 2009 that I faced a pivotal choice: either fully commit or seek alternative paths. This moment of realization often referred to as a ‘tipping point’ in every entrepreneur’s journey, stands out as a favorite memory. While there are countless other cherished moments, this one holds particular significance because it marked a decisive commitment to the path I chose. Reflecting on it now, I can only imagine how different my life would be had I not chosen to fully dedicate myself to BairesDev.”

Core Products

What are BairesDev’s core services? De Marco explained:

“At BairesDev, our core focus is on providing top-tier software outsourcing services to clients worldwide. We specialize in collaborating with global brands to deliver customized software solutions tailored to their specific needs and objectives, all with developers within the same time zone as our clients. Our team of skilled software engineers excels in a wide range of 100+ technologies and domains, enabling us to tackle diverse projects across industries. Additionally, due to our geographically diverse clientele, we pride ourselves on offering remote work opportunities, allowing our clients to leverage our expertise regardless of geographical constraints.”

Challenges Faced

What challenges has De Marco and the team face in building the company? De Marco acknowledged:

“One challenge we encountered just a few years ago revolved around candidate perception and recruitment. We realized that some potential candidates perceived us as a scrappy, bootstrapped company rather than recognizing us as one of the top software outsourcing companies serving the U.S. market. This misperception hindered our ability to attract top talent and posed a barrier to our growth. To overcome this challenge, we took proactive steps to refine our messaging and positioning. By clearly communicating our value proposition and the unique opportunities we offer, we were able to increase applicant rates and attract high-quality talent to our team. Currently, we receive over 1 million applications yearly from all over the world.”

Evolution Of BairesDev’s Technology

How has the company’s technology evolved since launching? De Marco noted:

“Since our inception, BairesDev has continually evolved its technology stack and capabilities to stay at the forefront of the industry. We have embraced advancements in technology and methodologies, leveraging tools and frameworks to enhance our development process, deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients, and promote efficiency within our organization. From adopting agile practices to incorporating emerging technologies such as AI in our recruiting processes, we remain committed to innovation and staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving technology landscape.”

Significant Milestones

What have been some of BairesDev’s most significant milestones? De Marco cited:

“BairesDev has celebrated numerous milestones during our 15 years of operation. Since 2009, we have successfully completed over 1,200 projects for 500+ different companies while achieving an industry-leading customer satisfaction score of 91%. We have also expanded our team to 4,000 professionals distributed in 50+ countries.”

“In the last 2 years, we have received over 50 International Tech and Business Awards from reputable organizations such as Inc., IAOP, Stevie Awards, and Brandon Hall Group, among others. Being acknowledged by both peers and the wider community is truly gratifying and inspires us to continue pushing boundaries and achieving even greater success.”

Customer Success Stories

After asking De Marco about customer success stories, he highlighted:

“One memorable story involves a global brand seeking to modernize its legacy systems and enhance its digital capabilities. By partnering with BairesDev, the client was able to leverage our expertise and resources to develop a comprehensive software solution that met their complex requirements. Through close collaboration and a deep understanding of their business needs, we delivered a tailored solution that streamlined their operations, improved efficiency, and positioned them for future growth. Our work with them really highlighted for me our commitment to delivering tangible value to clients and driving impactful outcomes through software.”


After asking De Marco about the company’s revenue, he revealed:

“While I’m unable to disclose specific figures, I’m more than happy to shed light on our company’s success trajectory. Since our humble beginnings with just two developers—myself and Paul—we’ve experienced remarkable growth. Today, we proudly employ 4,000 professionals, spanning over 50 countries. Notably, our annual application rate exceeds one million, a testament to our continued expansion and appeal as an employer. We have also seen growth in our client base with an increase of 250% from 2018-2023, serving organizations in more than 100 industries. This, paired with continuing to be featured on Inc.’s Fastest Growing Companies list, showcases our sustained growth in talent, revenue, and client base – and underscores the effectiveness of our business model and the unparalleled value we deliver to our clients.”

Total Addressable Market

What total addressable market (TAM) size is the company pursuing? De Marco assessed:

“BairesDev is focused on capturing a significant share of the global software nearshoring market. With the increasing demand for software development services worldwide, we see ample opportunities for growth and expansion in this market.”

“In the short term, we aim to become the #1 software outsourcing company in the US. We want to expand our reach to all industry sectors across the US, Canada, and the UK while continuing to over-deliver for our existing clientele.”

Differentiation From The Competition

What differentiates BairesDev from its competition? De Marco affirmed:

“What sets BairesDev apart from its competition is our relentless commitment to quality, talent, and client satisfaction. We only hire the most talented people. We receive over 1 million job applicants yearly, and from that, we only hire the top 1%. Today, our team comprises 4,000+ professionals in 50+ countries (90% from Latin America).”

“Before the AI boom, we pioneered a machine-learning hiring process that builds, matches, and deploys the best possible team for each project. With this, we can have complete, elite software engineering teams ready to deploy in less than two weeks.”

“We are curious and dedicated – putting our expertise to work and being forthright in communication. Simultaneously, we take pride in integrating into our client’s culture. Our engineers operate as an extension of the client’s team – bringing fresh insights and solutions to the table. Nearshoring from Latin America also puts us in the same time zones as our US clients. All of the above, combined with our “can do” culture, gives us an edge over others in our industry.”

Future Goals

What are some of the company’s future goals? De Marco pointed out:

“Looking ahead, BairesDev aims to continue expanding its global presence, innovating its services, and driving a positive impact in the technology industry. We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology innovation, delivering value to our clients, and fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration within our organization.”

Additional Thoughts

Any other topics to discuss? De Marco concluded:

“Beyond our current discussion, there are several other topics close to my heart that I’d love to delve into. One such passion of mine revolves around mentorship, particularly within the Hispanic professional community. I take great pride in our private network, Creceras, which I’ve been instrumental in building. It serves as a nurturing environment, fostering talent, and empowering individuals within our community.”

“Additionally, I’m excited to share insights about our latest endeavor, BDev Ventures, a venture capital firm with a unique approach. More than just providing financial support, our focus lies in offering mentorship and equipping startups with the necessary tools for growth and expansion. It’s a venture driven by a profound belief in the power of mentorship and guidance.”