Beamer And Userflow Merge To Create A Product Team Growth Toolkit Giant

By Annie Baker • Feb 9, 2024

As part of a strategic move that marks a significant milestone in the product management landscape, Beamer has announced a merger with Userflow. This partnership reinforces the companies’ positions as leading providers of no-code product adoption and engagement platforms and expands their combined capabilities by offering a consolidated toolkit for leading product-led growth (PLG) teams worldwide. The combined company plans to be a major player in the Digital Adoption Platform space.

The combined company offers product teams focused on driving product-led growth (PLG) with a robust toolkit that enables product adoption and engagement. And Beamer’s best-in-class product communication and feedback tools complement Userflow’s innovative no-code flow user onboarding and product adoption tools, and with the companies being product-led themselves, Beamer and Userflow remain easy to adopt, easy to purchase, and easy to scale.

Beamer is a leading platform for PLG teams aiming to build better products and improve user engagement. And the company’s Changelog, NPS, and Feedback products work as intuitive tools that facilitate direct communication and feedback between product teams and their end-users, ultimately helping to increase engagement and reduce churn.

Userflow distinguished itself in the global SaaS community with its innovative no-code guide builder, enabling businesses to be more product-led. Launched in 2019, the company has reached significant scale without any external funding by implementing PLG best practices themselves.

This newly combined company services thousands of growing SaaS businesses across the globe and totals more than 200M monthly active users with a shared vision to offer a two-way communication channel between product teams and their end-users. Profitable and growing, the company plans to add key headcount and build additional product lines to supplement both platforms and reinforce value to customers.

Beamer’s merger with Userflow is timely as many analysts have proclaimed that we are in a Golden Age of Product Management. And the accelerated pace of technology development and adoption, the increase in digital transformation initiatives, consumer-like expectations for software products, and data-driven decision-making are all key trends that have resulted in the rise of the product function, as well as the demand for best-in-class software tools that serve these teams’ needs.


“User onboarding, in-app communication and more tooling to drive product adoption are highly sought-after features among Beamer customers and prospects, making up almost 40% of asks. Merging with Userflow is a huge win for our customer base and will give them access to a truly all-in-one growth toolkit.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Userflow to the Beamer team. The talent and innovation that Sebastian and Esben have displayed in building Userflow is tremendous, and their no-code builder for in-app onboarding experiences complements Beamer’s mission to help companies build better products. We are also deeply grateful for the support and partnership from Camber Partners and Arsenal Growth, who have been instrumental in this journey.”

– Satya Ganni, CEO of Beamer

“Joining forces with Beamer heralds a new era for product teams worldwide. We’re impressed with Beamer’s comprehensive toolkit and excited about the combined potential to serve our global customer base even better.”

– Esben Friis-Jensen, Co-founder and CGO of Userflow