Bellevue-Based Indoor Mapping Solutions Company Point Inside Raises $3.5 Million

By Noah Long ● December 3, 2018

Point Inside, a Bellevue, Washington-based indoor mapping and SaaS solutions company, announced that it has raised $3.5 million in funding. Private equity investment firm Vestech Partners led this round of funding. 

Recently, Point Inside released its solution — which identifies and tags the intersection of device location records with the indoor points of interest. With this round, Point Inside is going to scale the sales and marketing of solution for retail, travel, and technology enterprise companies that are interested in adopting the platform. Point Inside’s indoor mapping API can be integrated into apps and platforms for all sorts of use cases.


Photo Credit: Point Inside


“With over $50 million invested in completing our indoor mapping platform, it is time to accelerate our sales and marketing efforts,” Point Inside co-founder and CEO Josh Marti. “Our mapping platform allows venue owners from malls, warehouses, hospitals, arenas, corporate campuses and airports to purchase and deploy our interactive maps to their websites or apps in less than an hour.”

Through the platform, real estate executives are able to leverage the spatial intelligence from 1,250 mall maps to see if a potential store location will outperform or underperform existing stores in the portfolio based on the relationship to parking, entrances, and proximity to popular stores like Apple, Tesla, and Nordstrom.

“Point Inside has a unique, accurate and high fidelity spatial platform that can be used for data enrichment and sold widely into the location-based data market,” added Point Inside chairman and co-founder Jon Croy. “Vestech Partners’ follow-on investment will enable Point Inside to reach these incredibly rich markets by extending indoor data processing to help so our customers and their clients achieve more from their existing offerings.”

The maps are customizable, editable, and mapped in the GPS coordinate system for integration with outdoor mapping providers. So far, Point Inside has produced and updated more than 100,000 maps for current and past client projects such as JetBlue, Disney, Lowe’s, Target, and United Airlines.