Beyond Meat (BYND) Launching 2 New Burgers And A Pork Product

By Annie Baker ● November 18, 2020
  • Beyond Meat has announced two new burgers and a pork product specifically for the Chinese market. These are the details.

Beyond Meat Inc (NASDAQ: BYND) has made some major announcements this week. Not only did the company announce two new Beyond Burger options, but the producer of plant-based meat substitutes also revealed it is developing meatless pork for the Chinese market.

New Burgers

The new Beyond Burger options will be hit store shelves next year. The new burger patties will feature a lower-fat option and a higher-fat-content option. Beyond Meat said that the higher-fat-content options is expected to taste juicier and meatier. And the low-fat option will have 50% less saturated fat and 35% less total fat than 80/20 beef. 

Both of these burger patties will have fewer calories and will feature added vitamins and minerals. The burgers will have an enhanced meaty flavor with “lower total fat and fewer calories plus B vitamins and minerals” comparable to the micronutrients found in real beef.

The Beyond 35 will have 35% less total fat and 35% less saturated fat (5 grams) than typical burgers. And the Beyond 55 will have 35% less total fat, but 55% less saturated fat than beef.

Meatless Pork

Today, Beyond Meat also announced it is planning to launch meatless minced pork in China. Pork is known as being the most popular meat in China. Beyond Pork is plant-based ground pork — which mimics the taste of the filling that is used in many Chinese dishes like dim sum and spring rolls. And it has less than 50% saturated and total fat than 70/30 ground pork. Plus Beyond Pork has a protein content of 18.5g per 100g serving. And Beyond Pork is made without GMOs, antibiotics, or hormones.

“We’re excited to launch Beyond Pork in China, marking a milestone for Beyond Meat,” said Candy Chan, Beyond Meat’s general manager for China. “We are not only launching an entirely new product innovation, but our first plant-based meat product created specifically for the Chinese market.”