Bioluminescence Ventures: Next-Generation Medicine Firm Emerges With $477 Million Fund

By Amit Chowdhry • Nov 6, 2023

Bioluminescence Ventures – a biotech venture firm investing in next-generation medicines – recently announced its emergence from stealth with $477 million in assets under management across two funds: Bioluminescence Ventures Fund I, L.P., and Bioluminescence Ventures Fund II, L.P.

The firm is supported by an investor base that includes U.S. and multinational institutional Limited Partners. And BLV has invested in multiple U.S. biotech companies to date. The firm will continue investing in transformative companies developing preventative, disease-modifying, and curative treatments for patients with major unmet medical needs.

Bioluminescence Ventures was conceptualized to finance breakthrough platforms and support mission-driven leaders in developing first-in-class or best-in-class therapies, especially when simultaneously experiencing a golden age of biomedical innovation and the most challenging financing environment in a decade.

BLV invests in companies with highly innovative platforms (biological or technological), developing novel therapeutics addressing large patient populations / significant unmet medical needs supported by strong data packages. And the firm prefers to lead rounds, working closely with a company’s leadership team to complete diligence, negotiate equitable terms, secure the syndicate, and close the round quickly and efficiently.

Bioluminescence Ventures’ portfolio consists of multiple companies such as:

— Ensoma

— Nido Biosciences

— ReCode Therapeutics

— SURGE Therapeutics

Bioluminescence Ventures is currently assembling an exceptional venture team with experience across biomedical research, biomedical engineering, translational science, clinical development, biopharmaceutical M&A, and IPO advisory. And the firm has recruited world-renowned academic and industry advisors. BLV will announce the initial venture team and advisory board in the coming weeks.


“Innovation never stops, even when financing does. The recent COVID-19 global pandemic proved that the pace of biopharmaceutical innovation is rapidly accelerating. The 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis and the subsequent years of biopharma sector downturn proved that venture firms that continue to invest in breakthrough platforms – especially during financial downturns – can help make a meaningful impact on patients while generating strong financial returns. The best way to help Founders and CEOs right now is to partner with them to secure strong syndicates and close rounds. Post-investment, investors must be able to provide interdisciplinary support – more than ever – to help their companies advance programs through preclinical and clinical milestones in a capital-efficient manner. We are incredibly fortunate to be supported by Limited Partners who have the heart to share our patient-centric mission, the perception to understand the unmet needs we are targeting, the trust in our approach to address them, and the vision to see the potential that will be realized together going forward.”

— Founding and Managing Partner Kouki Harasaki, Ph.D.

“Bioluminescence is light emitted by living beings. It is a metaphor for our guiding light: patient impact. We see this light radiating from our mission-driven founders and CEOs. We aim to support them with our time, energy, interdisciplinary expertise, and capital to make that light shine brighter.”

— Dr. Harasaki – who currently serves on the Boards of ReCode Therapeutics, Ensoma, Nido Biosciences, and SURGE Therapeutics