Black Diamond Advisory Raises $25 Million

By Annie Baker ● Sep 14, 2022
  • Black Diamond Advisory recently announced it raised $25 million. These are the details.

Black Diamond Advisory recently announced it raised $25 million. 

Funding amount: $25 million

Funding round: Minority investment

Investor: Tercera, a growth-focused investment firm specializing in cloud professional services. 

What the funding will be used for: With this investment, Black Diamond Advisory will continue to build out its team of industry, functional and technical experts, expand its advisory services for the Office of the CFO and broaden its reach across global markets. This investment will also be used to continue developing innovative solutions that enhance the OneStream platform and marketplace.

The Black Diamond team has worked on more than 100 OneStream projects, delivering large-scale transformation for global enterprise customers across key industries.


“When we started Black Diamond we knew that OneStream was full of possibilities and that we could create something different and special. This investment allows us to take the next step in our journey including more focus on product development on the OneStream Platform, expanding our advisory services, and creating a firm with true global presence. I couldn’t be more excited about our future – we are just getting started.”

— Randy Werder, co-founder and CEO of Black Diamond Advisory

“We’re always looking at which technology segments are ripe for disruption, and those that are leading the next wave of innovation. OneStream, one of the Tercera 30, and Black Diamond are doing exactly that, and showing CFOs that they can, and should, expect more from their CPM vendors and consulting partners. Randy and team are a great addition to our portfolio, and we couldn’t be more excited to be their partner.”

— Chris Barbin, CEO of Tercera

“Black Diamond’s in-depth knowledge of OneStream’s Intelligent Finance platform combined with their mix of business, technical and industry expertise, has quickly made them one of our top partners. The Black Diamond team is committed to customer success and understanding what finance and operations teams are looking for in a trusted advisor.”

— Craig Colby, President of OneStream Software

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