Blockchain Gaming Console Company Blok.Party Raises $10 Million

By Annie Baker ● October 2, 2018

San Francisco-based Blok.Party is a company that is known for creating the world’s first blockchain-based video game console called the PlayTable. Blok.Party has raised $10 million in funding to help support the launch of the console this fall. JRR Capital and several individual investors participated in this round of funding. Blok.Party plans to use the funding to scale the company to build on its team and expand PlayTable’s gaming options.

Blok.Party’s PlayTable is a tabletop console designed for 1-8 players. You can interact with the console with smartphones, cards, physical pieces, and dice. The PlayTable has a large touchscreen and allows players to control in-game events using their hands, smartphones, and physical game pieces.



Blok.Party also announced a new content partnership that covers the popular Settlers of Catan game. In Settlers of Catan, players collect and deploy resources strategically. This game has sold more than 27 million units and has an estimated 20 million active players.


“As lifelong gamers, it’s surreal to see classic tabletop titles like Settlers of Catan come to life on PlayTable, and we’re excited about the memorable gaming experiences they’ll create for friends and families,” said Blok.Party CEO and co-founder Jimmy Chen in a statement. “We’re also eager to use our new round of funding to continue scaling Blok.Party as new content opportunities come through the pipeline.”

The PlayTable can recognize and link characters and resources plus physical gameplay can be “reskinned.” The custom game pieces retain their stats so you can bring your unique set to game nights. And PlayTable’s blockchain network keeps records intact so players can trade game pieces and their customized stats.


In Q4 2018, the first batch of PlayTable consoles are expected to start shipping. Currently, there are 100,000 people on the waiting list.