Blueberry Protocol: Decentralized Prime Brokerage Terminal Company Secures $2.5 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Jun 4, 2024

Blueberry Protocol, a decentralized prime brokerage terminal, announced $2.5 million in strategic funding led by WSC and Varys Capital. The other participants in this investment round include SNZ Capital, White Star Capital, Alchemix DAO, Aquanow, members of Dewhales, members of DCD, GateCap Ventures, Nayt Trading, and MonkeVentures.

Blueberry offers decentralized access to generalized leverage for DeFion Ethereum, providing enhanced opportunities through advanced risk management and higher leverage than traditional prime brokerage. And by integrating transparent risk management tools with a sophisticated leverage framework, Blueberry seeks to expand accessibility, boost capital efficiency, and improve profitability for a wide variety of DeFi users.

The DeFi sector has experienced significant growth in recent months. And the recent approval of Ethereum ETFs has sparked a renewed interest in the space from traditional finance, positioning Blueberry to lead this new wave of institutional DeFi adoption.

As institutional participation increases, flexible prime brokerage services become essential for enabling secure and efficient trading, providing liquidity, and managing portfolios in the crypto market. And Blueberry Protocol caters to both conservative whales and high-stakes degens.

This funding will be used for team expansion and its increased security budget. Blueberry also offers early access to its native BLB tokens via Fjord Foundry and PancakeSwap events. And these events are crucial milestones in decentralizing the Blueberry protocol and fostering a strong, active community.


“We believe that the core ethos and purpose of decentralized finance is to allow users from all over the globe to interact and enact financial transactions in a self sovereign and permissionless way. Blueberry addresses current hurdles to this vision by providing an infrastructure from which these users can more easily access healthy and efficient leverage which can be deployed across DeFi.”

  • Cameron Coombes, Vice President at White Star Capital

“We are thrilled to partner with Blueberry as they redefine prime brokerages, allowing users to maximize yields from digital assets or treasury yields. Backed by a DeFi-native team, the Blueberry Foundation will be instrumental in developing essential building blocks for DeFi.”

  • Darius Askaripour, Managing Partner at Varys Capital

“This investment is a testament to the groundbreaking value proposition Blueberry Protocol brings to the DeFi landscape. By delivering industry-leading Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios of up to 20x, we’re poised to revolutionize on-chain trading and yield strategies. With these funds, we’ll further enhance our platform, expand our reach, and continue to lead the charge in reshaping the future of the digital economy.”

  • Jonathan Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder of Blueberry Protocol