How Bounce Helps You Book Daily Storage For Your Luggage

By Noah Long ● December 28, 2018

San Francisco-based Bounce is a service that allows you to book daily storage for your luggage and bags. Bounce is currently supported in hundreds of locations in major U.S. cities and it costs $6 per day to store your items.

Currently, Bounce has over 100 storage locations and all of them are hosted by local retailers like hotels and dry cleaners. By offering extra storage space, these local retailers are also able to earn a new revenue stream and gain additional foot traffic. Bounce launched about a year ago and it facilitated the storage of tens of thousands of bags since then.


One of Bounce’s users that benefitted from the service is a New York City commuter and massage therapist named Meghan Mills. Mills said that she used Bounce more than 50 times to store her massage table and other possessions. “It’s been a game-changer for my business and has literally saved my back,” said Mills.

Photo: Bounce


Recently, Bounce raised $1.2 million from several investors including Jillian Manus (Structured Capital managing partner), Seabed VC, Rob Chesnut (General Counsel of Airbnb), and Michael Hyatt (Canadian entrepreneur). With this funding round, Bounce is going to build out its logistics network and scale to dozens of more cities. Bounce CEO Cody Candee said that the company will soon add pick-up and delivery integration.

“I’m impressed with the tremendous growth potential for Bounce, this can become something that becomes a game-changing product that people use daily,” added Manus. “Not only does Bounce solve a real consumer problem, it identifies excess capacity and gives small businesses a new revenue stream as well as foot traffic and potential customers. It’s a total win-win. I can see this being in every major city.”