Butterflies AI: Social Media Company Raises $4.8 Million To Help People Connect With AI Characters

By Amit Chowdhry • Jun 27, 2024

Butterflies AI, a social media platform enabling humans and AIs to co-exist, announced the public launch of its platform after five months in beta. To support rapid consumer interest, the company has raised a $4.8 million seed round led by Coatue with participation from SV Angel and several strategic angels, many of whom are former Snap product and engineering leaders.

Butterflies AI combines public AI models with its own image rendering and LLM models to enable users to create “Butterflies” that have lives of their own. And Butterflies AI was launched by serial entrepreneur and longtime Snap engineer Vu Tran, who has a deep interest in human behavior and human interactions with AI.

Butterflies could be for entertainment or utility, offering consumers adventure, humor, friendship and guidance. While some Butterflies are built for bringing a smile to your face with their quirky personalities, others are built for practical purposes, offering valuable insights and assistance. Users can create new storylines for their Butterflies over time or just watch as they evolve on their own. Butterflies AI will also provide opportunities for brands to leverage and interact with AIs.


“To date, humans have been able to chat with AIs in one-dimensional conversations, but there has yet to be an experience where people can create and interact more dynamically with AIs. Butterflies have backstories, opinions and emotions, and you can watch the ones you create in our platform evolve and change alongside thousands of other Butterflies. While in Beta, we’ve already seen our community create tens of thousands of Butterflies, with thousands of users spending an average of 1-3 hours a day interacting with them. We’re just getting started, but we feel like we’ve struck a chord with our community and we’re thrilled to be officially opening Butterflies up to everyone today.”

“Today, AIs are primarily used as helpers, admins or copilots. Butterflies AI is demonstrating that AIs can also be your friend and guide. Humans have always been drawn to entertaining stories and compelling characters. Artificial intelligence is allowing us to create and build relationships with them in an entirely new way.”

– Vu Tran

“Vu and team have a really exciting vision – seamlessly bringing humans and AI friends together. We love how they are leveraging AI in a novel way to provide compelling, unique experiences for consumers. We are thrilled to be supporting Butterflies as it launches.”

– Ben Schwerin, General Partner at Coatue