Cadent Buys Identity And Media Solutions Company 4INFO

By Dan Anderson ● Jan 4, 2020
  • Advanced TV platform company Cadent announced it is buying 4INFO to expand cross-screen solutions for national advertisers

Advanced TV platform company Cadent announced it is buying 4INFO to expand its cross-screen solutions for national advertisers with advanced audience targeting and over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) video buying capabilities. The terms of the deal were undisclosed.

Brands that are running modern TV campaigns depend on the ability to manage traditional and next-generation technologies. But advertisers are often stuck dealing with the understanding about which devices belong to the same household due to multiple devices like set-tops, connected TVs, streaming boxes, full episode players, and mobile apps. Plus the complexity in the planning, activating, and measuring national TV campaigns has increased as viewing platforms and viewing preferences continue to fragment.

The data activation platform built by 4INFO incorporates patented audience graph technology that resolves multiple TV devices back to a household. And its highly accurate matching fabric enables national TV advertisers to de-duplicate and map audience segments into the full universe of television thus providing a more precise measurement of targeted reach.

4INFO’s Bullseye ID platform is an accurate match key that maps consumers to all of their connected devices in a household as well as to valuable consumer data, including CRM data — without compromising privacy. And 4INFO provides customers with match rates for their data, which allows them to use it at scale for both advertising and marketing purposes.

“Viewers are engaging with premium TV across more devices and services than ever before. In response, advertisers and agencies require a unified view of their TV campaigns to get the clearest picture of brand reach and engagement,” said Cadent CEO Nick Troiano. “The integration of the 4INFO household graph and its OTT capabilities with the Cadent Advanced TV Platform creates the industry’s only unified platform for all forms of data-driven television – cable, broadcast, addressable STB, OTT, and connected devices — at true national scale.”

Cadent and 4INFO have been partners since 2018. And in the past year, the companies have more tightly integrated 4INFOs data-activation capabilities into Cadent’s buy-side TV planning and activation platform. And 4INFO technologies will help national advertisers build higher-performing data-driven television campaigns.

“As an existing 4INFO partner, TEGNA looks forward to continuing to work with Cadent as we drive innovation across our business, including our leading OTT advertising platform, Premion,” added Tom Cox, senior vice president at TEGNA Inc.

Cadent is known for powering the evolution of TV brand advertising. And the company provide marketers, agencies, operators, and media owners with data-driven solutions for buying and selling TV advertising.

“Cadent’s scale across all forms of advanced TV will further 4INFO’s mission of enabling unified audiences at scale that are fully actionable across screens and properties,” explained Tim Jenkins, CEO of 4INFO. “We are pleased to continue our journey helping advertisers evolve their television advertising as part of Cadent.”