Capstack Technologies Raises Funding From Citi Ventures

By Amit Chowdhry • Mar 7, 2024

Capstack Technologies – the first bank-to-bank marketplace designed to mitigate asset risk – announced it had raised a strategic investment from Citi Ventures, driving a significant milestone in its goal to transform banking technology.

This funding round is a testament to Capstack Technologies’ innovation following a successful $6 million fundraising last summer. This funding round coincided with establishing a high-profile advisory board and adding experienced executives from community and regional banks, propelling Capstack Technologies into a new era of growth and market leadership.

Capstack Technologies is leading the way with its first bank-to-bank marketplace, which promotes transparency, collaboration, and efficiency among small and medium-sized banks. This initiative aligns with the U.S. financial sector’s imperative for reducing concentration risk.

Capstack Technologies formed an advisory board comprising industry veterans Trey Maust, Chairman of Lewis & Clark Bancorp, Patrick Kennedy, Executive Chairman of TransPecos Banks and Dub Sutherland of Kennedy Sutherland LLP. And these advisors bring a wealth of experience in banking, law, and financial technologies, guiding Capstack Technologies’ strategic direction in the banking sector.

Capstack Technologies is also enhancing its leadership team with David McArdle as Head of Banking Relationships and Randy Riffle as Head of Customer & Platform Operations. McArdle will focus on streamlining processes for C-suite executives in community banks. And Riffle will lead the charge in transforming operational efficiencies and focusing on positive customer experiences.


“Citi Ventures is committed to investing in companies that have the potential to drive our industry forward. Capstack Technologies’ innovative approach could fundamentally change the way smaller banks manage risk and grow their businesses, and ultimately could create opportunities for Citi to engage differently with this sizable segment of the financial services ecosystem.”

  • Jeff Flynn, Director, Citi Ventures

“Securing this strategic investment from Citi Ventures, forming a distinguished advisory board, and welcoming experienced executives from community and regional banks collectively mark a pivotal moment for Capstack Technologies. These milestones validate our vision and accelerate our mission to revolutionize banking technology for the community.”

“This moment is pivotal for Capstack Technologies, as we’ve successfully secured strategic funding from Citi Ventures, assembled a formidable advisory board, and significantly enhanced our leadership team. These steps are a clear testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and underscore our growing significance in the current investment climate. We are not just making strides but setting new standards in the banking technology sector.”

  • Michal Cieplinski, CEO of Capstack Technologies

“As a member of the advisory board for Capstack Technologies, I am deeply impressed by the caliber of talent and expertise we have assembled to guide this groundbreaking technology. Having the right people involved is crucial in steering such innovative solutions. The experiences and insights our team brings are essential in shaping a technology that has the potential to redefine the banking sector.”

  • Patrick Kennedy, Executive Chairman of TransPecos Banks

“To contribute to an organization at the forefront of such a transformative movement within the banking sector is inspiring. The advent of this technology epitomizes the requirement of all bank sizes to create efficiencies in the participation and whole loan marketplace model.”

  • Randy Riffle