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On-Demand Car Care Company Spiffy To Expand Into 6 More Markets With New Funding Round

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Same-Day Fuel Delivery Service Booster Raises $56 Million

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Argo AI Is Investing $15 Million To Set Up A Center For Autonomous Vehicle Research At Carnegie Mellon

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Convoy Introduces Automated Reloads So Carriers Can Spend More Time Hauling

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Apple Acqui-Hires Talent From Self-Driving Vehicle Company

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Lagos-Based Motorcycle Transit Service Plans To Expand In West Africa With New Funding Round

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Edge Case Research: This Pittsburgh Company Improves The Safety Of Autonomous Vehicles

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Walmart Testing Driverless Vehicles With Gatik As A Partner

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India-Based Bounce Secures $72 Million At More Than $200 Million Valuation

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Rivian Automotive Is Using Second-Life Batteries To Support Energy Independence In Puerto Rico

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2019 Audi e-tron Review: Pros and Cons

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Dockless Electric Scooter Sharing Bird Confirms It Has Acquired Scoot

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Report: Uber COO Barney Harford And CMO Rebecca Messina Depart Following Management Shakeup

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General Motors And Michelin Unveil Uptis Puncture-Proof Tires

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Elon Musk: Tesla Pickup Truck To Be Priced Under $49,000

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Self-Driving Company Aurora Is Acquiring Lidar Developer Blackmore

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Fiat Chrysler Has Proposed A €32.6 Billion Merger With Nissan and Renault

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Wheelwell Unveils Vehicle Feature Program For Auto Partners And Raises $3 Million

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Chevron Partners With EVgo To Bring EV Fast Charging To Gas Stations

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Uber Rolls Out Personalization Features Like Quiet Mode And Luggage Help

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Why Ann Arbor-Based Pickup Truck E-Commerce Company Truck Hero Acquired Lund

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India-Based Logistics Company BlackBuck Secures $150 Million At Valuation Of Nearly $1 Billion

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RJ Scaringe: Rivian Automotive Has An Agility And Speed Advantage ‘Without Any Of The Handcuffs Of Legacy’

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