Cellebrite Unveils Changes To Executive Management Team

By Noah Long ● August 12, 2020
  • Cellebrite — a leader in digital intelligence solutions for public and private sectors —announced the appointment of 3 new executive management team members. These are the details.

Cellebrite — a leader in digital intelligence solutions for public and private sectors —announced the appointment of 3 new executive management team members: Ronnen Armon as Chief Product & Technology Officer (CPTO), Miri Mishor-Goldenberg as SVP of Customer Services, and Marque Teegardin as General Manager North America. And the new executives are working together with their colleagues to continue Cellebrite’s global growth and further cement the company’s digital Intelligence market leadership.

Armon will bring to bear his experience leading product management, research and development for multinational companies. And he led R&D activity at Mercury as vice president, spearheaded the business operations of HP BTO and was also a founding partner, CTPO, and CEO of Capriza — which is a startup that developed an enterprise approvals platform, helping business to speed decision making. Armon is now joining Cellebrite’s management team to strategically lead the company’s research, development, and product teams as well as its long-term technology strategy.

Mishor-Goldenberg is bringing a diversified background in leading customer service organizations. For the last 17 years, Mishor-Goldenberg has helped drive customer engagement and their overall experience with Amdocs in a variety of leadership roles. Over the past 6 years, she has held a leadership position at Amdocs as VP, IT Customer Experience. In her role on Cellebrite’s management team, Mishor-Goldenberg will be building a dynamic suite of service offerings that include training, advanced services, technical customer support, and customer technology deployments.

Teegardin will utilize his decades of experience as a Chief Revenue Officer and advisor, leading significant growth in both revenue and shareholder value at industry-leading software companies for growing business and sales strategies. Before joining Cellebrite’s North American team, Teegardin spent the better part of the last decade working at several startups, including StoredIQ and Sapho, where he helped take both companies to successful exits. Under this new role, Teegardin will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of business and sales strategy for Cellebrite’s rapidly growing business in the United States and Canada.

Cellebrite is known for offering a wide range of innovative software solutions and analytical tools aimed at accelerating digital investigations and tackling the growing complexity of the challenges of crime in the digital age. And Cellebrite’s solutions and tools are used by thousands of law enforcement agencies, governments, corporations and organizations in over 150 countries around the world.

Over the past year, the company has grown significantly. And in January 2020, Cellebrite acquired San Jose, California-based BlackBag Technologies — which specializes in extracting, decoding, and analyzing digital information from computing systems. This acquisition expanded Cellebrite’s digital intelligence solutions offering and promoted a “One-Stop-Shop” approach that would address all its customers digital investigative needs.


“I’m extending a warm welcome to Ronnen, Miri, and Marque who are joining our company and I wish them great success in their new positions. These recent appointments, alongside the appointment in June of Alon Klomek as CBO, stand testament to Cellebrite’s continued growth and evolution, and reinforces the company’s position as a global leader in digital intelligence.”

“The rich and dynamic product offering we provide today enables law enforcement agencies around the world to accelerate complex digital investigations and manage the process and information flow with advanced and diverse tools. Our ability to extract, decode and analyze information from a wide variety of sources – and to gain crucial insights to help investigators – speaks volumes about our ability to stay with our ‘finger on the pulse’ and meet the rapid pace of customer needs in our market.”

— Cellebrite CEO Yossi Carmil