ChartHop: This Organizational Management Platform Has Raised $5 Million

By Amit Chowdhry ● Feb 24, 2020
  • ChartHop — the world’s first organizational management platform built to help companies scale — announced that it raised $5 million

ChartHop — the world’s first organizational management platform built to help companies scale — announced that it raised $5 million in seed funding led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). And Abstract Ventures, the a16z Cultural Leadership Fund, CoFound, Cowboy Ventures, Flybridge Capital, Shrug Capital, Work Life Ventures as well as startup founders and C-level executives participated in the round.

Leaders have long been constrained by archaic tools and processes used to manage their organization due to manual programs and outdated spreadsheets to inefficient meetings and incomplete data. And organizations have invested over $20 billion in HR technology over the last five years, but 65% of them still feel the technology is inadequate at supporting their companies’ objectives.

ChartHop helps organizations optimize their most important driver to success — people. And using the ChartHop platform, decision-makers can visualize, plan, and analyze their organization within minutes, while employees gain valuable insights into how the company works at-large.

And ChartHop essentially enables customers to streamline organizational management across People, Finance, Recruiting, and team managers by providing one platform for syncing People data and collaboratively building headcount plans.

With the ChartHop platform, customers can structure and analyze People data by multiple factors, including location, salary, stock grants, number of direct reports, gender, etc. This analysis allows leaders to more clearly understand their organization in real-time and breaking through information silos and unearthing hidden biases.

Ever since ChartHop launched in 2018, dozens of companies have turned to the people platform to revamp their organizational management strategies, including Assurance, Better Mortgage, InVision, MongoDB, Rémy Cointreau, Sequoia Consulting Group, and Teachable.

Key Quotes:

“Technology shouldn’t hinder HR and People teams from being strategic business partners or supporting employees — it should empower them. This investment fuels our mission to equip all leaders with a data-informed approach to organizational management.”

– ChartHop founder, CEO and CTO Ian White

“People are the backbone of every great organization, but the software to support them has historically been painfully inefficient and woefully insufficient. ChartHop fixes that by connecting disparate systems and creating an unprecedented level of transparency the entire organization can benefit from. We’re thrilled to partner with Ian and the ChartHop team as they deliver the products that help companies run and scale.”

– David Ulevitch, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

“I can’t imagine what we’d do without ChartHop. With a number of features, such as the auto-updated org chart, custom reporting and real-time scenario-building, ChartHop has been a critical tool in my organization’s succession planning and data comprehension.”

– David Dankenbrink, VP of Human Resources at Rémy Cointreau

“Leaders need a simple and effective tool to have a comprehensive view of their entire organization. ChartHop solves that challenge for us.”

– Melissa Lightbody, Chief People Officer at Sequoia Consulting Group