Austin-Based Cloud Manufacturing Process Company CherryCircle Software Raises $2.3 Million

By Dan Anderson ● February 6, 2019

CherryCircle Software, an Austin, Texas-based cloud software solutions company that manages the development of complex manufacturing processes in regulated industries, has raised $2.3 million in seed funding. ATX Seed Ventures, PLH Business Ventures, Hudson Park Capital, and several industry veterans participated in this round. With this funding round, CherryCircle is going to fund new hires, expand its platform, and scale customer operations.

Founded in 2016 by pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality experts Yash Sabharwal and Ryan Shillington , CherryCircle reduces the development time and risk of systemic failure later in the development lifecycle. And CherryCircle is an active member of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE). 

“Our industry has fallen victim to a mindset where documents and compliance are equated with product quality,” said CherryCircle president and CEO Sabharwal. “We have to focus again on connecting the dots from patient to product to process with strong scientific rationale and data-driven development. Modern drug manufacturing is becoming increasingly more complex, especially with the emergence of new cell and gene therapies. Novel data management and visualization tools are required to collect and interpret data from multiple sources. Today’s approaches cobbling together various Microsoft Office solutions are not going to get us there. Our software lets you capture development knowledge over time and manage risk in multiple dimensions with data, not documents, driving development decisions.

CherryCircle’s flagship product called QbDVision benefits the pharmaceutical industry by providing powerful tools using quality-by-design principles to assist with complex manufacturing challenges. The company uses serverless technologies and automated testing tools to allow for rapid development and deployment of secure and validate software solutions — which enables process and data management a quality-by-design (QbD) framework with strong data integrity.


“The founding team’s experience and domain expertise were what initially got us excited,” added ATX Seed Ventures Chris Shonk. “After we dug in, the initial customer responses to QbDVision became impossible to ignore. We see the company’s potential for a massive market impact on the pharmaceutical and drug development markets. We are thrilled to bring our insight, efficiency, and financial resources in support of this innovative team and enterprise.”