Cimba.AI: Adaptive Gen AI Company Emerges From Stealth Mode With Pre-Seed Funding

By Pulse 2.0 Staff • Feb 6, 2024

Cimba.AI – the only Gen-AI-native platform that gives enterprises the power to create custom AI agents that can produce deep insights, recommend and perform business actions based on internal data and knowledge base – has officially come out of stealth today with $1.25 million in Pre-Seed funding. The funding round was led by Ripple Ventures, with participation from SeaChange, PackVC, and angel investors like Chad Sanderson and Chris Riccomini.

This platform utilizes self-training artificial intelligence that learns and adapts to an organization’s unique knowledgebase (i.e., dashboards, query history, metadata, playbooks, etc.), providing business decision-makers with customizable AI agents that generate insights and recommended next steps (i.e., which ten deals we should focus on this week?) to take based on their data (i.e., Snowflake).

Cimba.AI is currently live in private beta with a strong list of customers. And the funding will be used to accelerate the development of the platform for general availability in Q2 this year.

Most large language models (LLMs) available for public consumption are generic and do not contain organization-specific context. This is a significant roadblock when considering the adoption of Generative AI for an enterprise. Led by Subu Biswas (who built the data quality platform at Airbnb along with software engineering at Microsoft Power Platform and Amazon) and Vishal Das (a PhD at Stanford University and former Applied Scientist at AWS AI) with a deep understanding of the pain points and market landscape, Cimba.AI is the only AI-native application platform capable of helping with business asks based on contextualized AI-generated playbooks. This is the most cost-effective way to contextualize LLMs and saves businesses millions of dollars in re-training them.

Agents built on Cimba’s platform help business operations (i.e., CSM/RevOps/SalesOps teams) achieve complex business objectives to take the next action. A CS leader may want to know, “Who are 20 customers we should focus on this week?” or a RevOps/Sales leader may want to know, “Are there any deals that need my attention?” or “Analyze and improve my bottom 10% performing sales” and CSM reps may want to “Create a performance improvement plan and add tasks in Hubspot/Jira.”

Cimba is the only AI-native application platform that could help with this business objective with highly customizable and adaptive agents that sit on a company’s structured and unstructured data. And Cimba created an agent-network-based AI-native application platform layer on top of a network of open-source and closed-source large language models to achieve this.

Cimba provides novice users and data analysts with simple, intuitive recommendations to turn their data into valuable business insights and LLMs. By using Cimba, business teams:

1.) Automate actions and workflows based on their data.

2.) Easily acquire the necessary qualitative and quantitative data for formulating business plans and reports.

3.) Receive recommended next steps based on collected data.


“Most enterprises are scared to adopt AI in their critical business operations as they are required to train or finetune LLMs with their knowledge and data, which can cost millions and be ineffective for their workflow and ROI. Creating an easy to use, cost effective platform for businesses to train AI on their internal knowledge and data is our mission at Cimba.”

– Subrata (Subu) Biswas, Co-Founder & CEO at Cimba.AI

“We invested in Cimba.AI, captivated by the vision and expertise of Subu Biswas and Vishal Das, whose backgrounds with tech giants have uniquely positioned them to lead in the evolving space of adaptive and generative AI. Their approach to AI-driven business operations is not just innovative; it’s the future. We’re excited to see how their leadership will shape the next wave of AI solutions, transforming decision-making and operational efficiency across industries.”

– Dom Lau, Partner at Ripple Ventures