Clarify Health Raises $57 Million To Build Upon Its Predictive Analytics Platform

By Noah Long ● September 16, 2018

San Francisco-based Clarify Health Solutions announced recently that it has raised $57 million in Series B funding led by KKR. Clarify Health, a real-time care guidance technology provider will be using the funding to power the personalization and optimization of “every care journey.”

Clarify’s solutions are able to deploy predictive analytics and machine learning on a comprehensive data set of more than 20 terabytes in order to provide actionable insights and automate care navigation.

And Clarify’s Care Journey enables doctors to gain the confidence for matching patients to the most appropriate care. And patients will benefit from real-time visibility and guidance.


“We are thrilled to partner with KKR to build the world’s first real-time care guidance platform,” said Jean Drouin, MD, who is the CEO and co-Founder of Clarify Health Solutions. “We are entering a new era, where technology can help us to reimagine care delivery. We have accepted for far too long that an accessible, service-oriented, and customer-centric experience is simply unattainable in health care. We are committed to making the words ‘delightful,’ ‘healed,’ and ‘affordable’ far more common in the health care lexicon.”

Clarify will be using the funding to expand on its clinical transformation, data science teams, and sales teams to accelerate the development of its digital care guidance platform. KKR is funding this investment through its Health Care Strategic Growth Fund.

“Today’s health care market is not only very complicated but also extremely fragmented and marked by patient dissatisfaction,” added KKR’s Health Care Strategic Growth head Ali Satvat. “The impressive and highly experienced team at Clarify is addressing this problem by bringing the power of technology to the industry in a way in which it has not been applied to date. We are delighted to partner with Clarify on this effort to enable a more effective, efficient, and simply better health care experience for both physicians and the patients who need it.”

Clarify has three primary software solutions. This includes the Clarify Care Prism, the Clarify Care Pilot, and Clarify Care Connect.

This includes the Clarify Care Prism, which is a machine learning analytics solution that provides case-mix adjusted insights on performance in value-based payment programs. And this solution can unlock granular clinical and operational variation insights on performance at the facility, the physician, and patient levels with easy-to-understand visuals.

The Clarify Care Pilot is a real-time patient engagement solution that guides the patient through his or her journey. And the doctor or health care professional can use this platform to set up personalized “care maps” through mobile devices or browser-based apps. And Care Pilot was built to engage with patients outside of the clinic by providing critical information about care regimens.

Clarify Care Connect provides real-time care navigation solutions to empower clinicians to monitor and guide patients efficiently through their journey of care in real-time. With granular patient stratification and assignment at the beginning of a journey, it helps create a workstation for the management of a panel of patients. And Clarify Care Connect makes the ongoing assessment of patient risk levels, prioritized alerts to focus on, and critical patient-level information accessible easier for care teams to access.

Clarify said that its team has a track record of achieving over $1 billion in improvements at more than 125 health systems, payers, and pharmaceutical companies. And its cloud-based software has been deployed at more than 5,000 institutions.