Wants To Educate Kids Using Videos, Games, And Learning Activities On The Web

By Amit Chowdhry ● Sep 17, 2009

Alex Moctezuma came up with an idea to use videos, games, and learning activities for educational purposes. Moctezuma decided to launch a website as a result called

Clasemovil is made for kids in K-12th grade across Latin America. There are hundreds of interactive lessons within the website in the form of videos and games. Students can select the subject of their choice such as math, history, language, history, etc.

Students will earn points for questions that they answer correctly and there is a leaderboard that showcases the high scores. The points earned can be used as a virtual currency to buy virtual goods. Teachers and schools will be able to monitor the scores of students to find out if someone is struggling.

Clasemovil would make money by charging premium memberships for students and bulk licensing for schools. An angel investor has put in $500,000 for the development of so far. And creating the educational content took about two years.