ClassPass Moves Into Corporate Wellness Programs

By Amit Chowdhry ● July 21, 2019
  • ClassPass — the popular fitness subscription service — is now moving into corporate wellness programs

ClassPass — a company that offers access to yoga, strength training, boxing, pilates, indoor cycling, etc. at a flat-rate monthly subscription billing service — is now moving into corporate wellness programs, according to Forbes. The inaugural consumer wellness program is starting with employers like Google, Morgan Stanley, Facebook, Under Armour, Glossier, Etsy, Southwest Airlines, and Gatorade.

ClassPass launched in 2011 and it has raised about $239 million (Crunchbase) since then. And now ClassPass is working with 22,000 partner studios operating in over 2,500 cities across 20 countries. And ClassPass is now leveraging its massive reach which includes 5 million recurring fitness and wellness classes to benefit the highly fragmented corporate wellness market.

ClassPass CEO Fritz Lanman had determined that companies like Google, Southwest Airlines, and Morgan Stanley were excited about offering ClassPass to employees because of the network of fitness and wellness partners, which is the “largest and deepest in the world.”


“Our mission has always been to help people stay active and alive by connecting them with the best experiences available. We’ve aggressively pursued this mission with consumers, which is why nearly 100 million reservations have been booked on our platform. That’s almost 100 million hours of people’s lives we’ve helped enrich. We’re thrilled to be extending these same benefits to the leading employers of the world, enabling millions of employees to live their lives even more fully,” said Payal Kadakia Pujji — the ClassPass founder and executive chairman — via Forbes.

With the corporate wellness program available via ClassPass, employees will be able to use premium studios, gyms, and set up wellness experiences like cryotherapy, massages, and sports recovery. Plus ClassPass employees will also have access to exclusive ClassPass audio and video workouts.

The ClassPass corporate wellness program also enables employers to automatically distribute ClassPass credits to employees as they complete specific healthy behaviors such as working out with coworkers, going to classes several times each month, and attend new studios. As they receive credits, they can book more fitness classes or wellness experiences.

“Corporate wellness programs should benefit everyone; employees should enjoy greater health and personal wellbeing, and employers should benefit from productive and engaged team members. Unfortunately, most corporate wellness vendors today only make money if they are not utilized, pitting the vendor against the employers and employees they purportedly seek to serve. With ClassPass’ new program, the more people engage in healthy behaviors, the more benefits they receive,” added Lanman via Forbes. “We are proud to introduce a global corporate wellness program designed from the ground up to align our business with what’s best for the employer and its employees. ClassPass is the best fitness program ever created for consumers. With this launch, it’s now also the best fitness program ever created for employers and their employees.”