Clinc And OCBC Are Now Running Singapore’s First Conversational AI Virtual Banking Tool

By Amit Chowdhry • Sep 17, 2019
  • Clinc, the creators behind one of the most sophisticated natural language artificial intelligence tools, announced that it partnered with Singapore’s second-largest financial services group: OCBC Bank

Clinc — the creators behind one of the most sophisticated natural language artificial intelligence tools in the world — announced recently that Singapore’s second-largest financial services group, OCBC Bank, has launched a voice-enabled mobile banking assistant powered by Clinc. The assistant is the first of its kind in Singapore and is available to all OCBC Bank customers.

OCBC Bank’s mobile banking customers now have access to bank services in a natural and conversational way through the OCBC Banking Assistant on the OCBC Mobile Banking app. With no special keywords, phrases to memorize or templated questions to learn, customers can pay bills, get smart insights about their finances, and receive help locating an ATM – all through natural language voice or text.

“This is the first full production rollout of its kind,” said Clinc CEO Jason Mars in a statement. “It’s not a chatbot or virtual assistant-type experience that people are familiar with. Rather it’s Clinc’s signature voice-first human-like AI experience used to create a mobile bank assistant that enables OCBC Bank customers to get spending insights, account and transaction details, and pay bills, all by using unscripted, everyday, messy language. This is a milestone for Clinc, our partners at OCBC Bank, and the financial industry as a whole.”

Clinc’s bill payment competency is now being used in its entirety for the first time. The bill payment skill enables payments to be made by voice to billers including credit cards in Singapore, telecommunication companies, utility companies, and town councils.

With their voice, customers can pay bills, transfer funds between accounts, check spending history and patterns, locate the nearest ATM, receive spending advice, and review transactions.

“We are always open to forging new partnerships that allow us to reimagine banking for our digital customers. We chose to work with Clinc because of their superior conversational AI platform and their next-generation natural language processing capabilities. This partnership is the next step towards making our customers’ mobile-first interactions more seamless and natural,” added Aditya Gupta, the Head of Digital Business for Singapore & Malaysia at OCBC Bank.

Since launching its first product in 2016, Clinc has seen tremendous success with dozens of partners and deployments on 3 continents. And the company has built virtual assistants and conversational AI experiences for some of the most well-respected financial institutions in the world including Barclays, USAA, Isbank, and OCBC Bank.

Plus Clinc also brought its artificial intelligence platform to automakers, quick-service restaurants, and healthcare companies. Through these partners, Clinc’s platform is now accessible to over 35 million users.