Space-Based Cloud Service Provider Cloud Constellation Raises $100 Million

By Dan Anderson ● December 29, 2018

Cloud Constellation is a space-based network infrastructure company for cloud service providers to offer secure storage and provisioning of enterprise data around the world. Recently, Cloud Constellation announced that it has raised $100 million from China-based HCH Group Company.

The core service that Cloud Constellation developed is SpaceBelt, which is a Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) that offers a high-speed global data network and cloud data storage service. And SpaceBelt provides global secure cloud infrastructure for enterprises, military, and government organizations around the world.


SpaceBelt is envisioned as an extension of an organization’s enterprise network that provides dynamic network and cloud data storage services between any locations on Earth. To do this, SpaceBelt taps into a network of eight satellites in low earth orbit (LEO). And SpaceBelt provides strong data security whether at rest or in motion by providing global isolation of an organization’s highly sensitive data assets from the data breach risk of terrestrial networks.

Here is a video of how it works:


“HCH’s financial commitment to SpaceBelt builds on our momentum to execute on our vision to offer global data protection that leverages commercial space,” said Cloud Constellation CEO and president Cliff Beek in a statement.

Cloud Constellation was founded by Scott Sobhani and Hooshang Kaen. Sobhani previously held executive roles at Lockheed Martin, Hughes Electronics Corporation, International Telecom Advisory Group (ITAG), and TalkBox. And Kaen is known for bringing 40 years of technology experience, being a founder of ITAG, and introducing technologies of Digital Equipment, Sprint, TeleGlobe, and Hughes.