Video Collaboration Company CloudApp Secures $4.3 Million

By Annie Baker ● June 5, 2019
  • Video led company CloudApp announced it raised $4.3 million led by Kickstart Seed Fund.

CloudApp, a video led company that enables instant business communication in the form of shareable videos, GIFs, and screenshots, announced it raised $4.3 million led by Kickstart Seed Fund.

This round also included previous investor Cervin Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Kyle York (VP Strategy at Oracle) and new entrants SAP.iO (SAP’s strategic business unit), Ryan Smith (Qualtrics CEO), Jeremy Andrus (Traeger CEO), Karl Sun (Lucid Software CEO), Dave Grow (Lucid Software COO), Dan Cook (Lucid Software Head of Sales), and Teem co-founders Dan Caffee and Shaun Ritchie.

“We are excited to work with Kickstart, continue to work with Cervin and have several new entrants to draw from,” said CloudApp CEO Scott Smith. “The growth potential is limitless with both the financial and intellectual capital we gain through these partnerships. This group has been extremely supportive with our plans and impressed by our raving enterprise and individual fan base.”

This round of funding will be used for investing fast-growing enterprise led product that already includes Chrome, Mac, and Windows apps and to scale sales and marketing.

“We are thrilled to partner with CloudApp,” added Kickstart managing director Gavin Christensen. “With 3MM+ users and nearly 1,000 corporate customers, CloudApp allows businesses to effortlessly use video and screen capture to improve both productivity and customer experience leading to revenue growth. One of their enterprise customers told us that if they discontinued their subscription with CloudApp, ‘there would be a riot!’ We expect great things in the near future.”

In conjunction with this round of funding, Christensen is joining the board of directors.

“I use CloudApp a dozen times a day to share with my coworkers, my friends around the world, and my family,” explained Adobe Principal Designer Khoi Vinh. CloudApp is an indispensable tool because it’s easy and fast to share anything from my computer.” Adobe previously invested in CloudApp.