Cogito: AI Coaching Company Raises New Funding Round

By Noah Long • Oct 27, 2023

Cogito – a leader in real-time AI coaching and guidance for the enterprise – recently announced it has secured new funding to help advance features aimed at better supporting agents in the contact center and improving customer experiences. This funding round – including repeat commitments from two significant investors – validates the importance of delivering strong employee and customer experiences in this turbulent economic climate. This investment demonstrates the impact potential of human-aware AI systems and the belief that Cogito is best suited to deliver on its promise.

Even though there is a lot of technology that further automates the customer experience (CX), contact center leaders face increasingly complex challenges and need creative, automated solutions to help solve them. And customer frustrations are heightened as self-service methods do not effectively resolve their issues, requiring agents to have more in-depth knowledge of their brands’ solutions. This places more responsibilities in agents’ hands, leading to a poor employee experience (EX) and increased attrition rates. And with all of these factors intertwined, contact center leaders seek efficient ways to better service customers while creating positive employee experiences and ensuring all KPIs and revenue goals are met.

With this latest funding round, investments in generative AI and new innovations in emotion and conversation AI will help to solve unprecedented challenges, including:

– Address increased complexity of customer issues

– Manage higher expectations placed on call center agents

– Reduce employee churn

To bring these innovations to market, Cogito is investing in its own workforce with two new executive team appointments. For example, Naomi Nuta has been named as Cogito’s Vice President of Marketing, while Mark Theall has been appointed as Cogito’s Vice President of Growth. And Nuta will drive a holistic marketing strategy as Cogito continues to expand, and Theall will spearhead onboarding of new enterprise accounts while cultivating customer relationships.


“Regardless of which end of the phone you sit on, contact center interactions are becoming increasingly convoluted, placing undue burdens on customers, agents, and contact center organizations as they seek new ways to alleviate frustrations and solve complex issues faster. Humans alone cannot solve these challenges, but human-aware AI systems have the potential to dramatically improve both employee and customer experiences. We’re elated that this new funding both validates our approach, and gives us the ammo we need to make deep investments in emotion and conversation AI – helping us take enterprise-grade CX and EX to the next level.”

– Josh Feast, CEO and co-founder of Cogito

“Delivering a strong CX has never been more important than in today’s competitive, uncertain economy – and forward-looking companies know that a strong CX starts with their own employees. Cogito’s expertise in AI solutions for contact centers positions them to capitalize on this exciting market opportunity for large enterprise companies to usher in a new era of CX- and EX-led business growth.”

– Joe DiSabato, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs