Self-Healing End-User Computing Company ControlUp Raises $27 Million

By Dan Anderson • Nov 20, 2020
  • ControlUp — an industry-leading self-healing End-User Computing (EUC) solution — announced it has raised $27 million in Series C funding

ControlUp — an industry-leading self-healing End-User Computing (EUC) solution enabling customers to monitor, troubleshoot, and remediate their EUC environments — announced that it has raised a $27 million Series C round of funding led by JVP and K1 Investment Management. Including this round of funding, the company has raised a total of $40 million.

Launched in 2014, ControlUp has been supporting business continuity for thousands of enterprises. And the latest investment will enable the company to expand its platform and market presence to monitor and dynamically optimize user experience for the enormous growth in Work-From-Home deployments.

The Series C funding round follows several major company milestones such as an expansion of the company’s client roster to B2C and B2B brands comprising more than 50 of the Fortune 100, including T-Mobile/Sprint and an expansion of the industry-leading platform to enhance its abilities as the most complete and unique platform for enterprise management of digital user experience. Plus the company is growing its employee base by more than 50% in 2020, employing 180 employees globally.


“As we look across the business sector over the last year, it is clear that every industry has been impacted. From healthcare and finance, to education and government, every industry has one clear goal: to identify and activate an agile workflow for their employees. At ControlUp, we work to ensure that our 1,200+ worldwide enterprise customers have the resources and expertise needed to address IT management challenges, while simultaneously planning for the future. We are committed to providing the best solutions on the market to ensure companies are able to create sound workflows and achieve their overarching business goals, across an evolving array of work environments.”

— Asaf Ganot, founder and CEO of ControlUp

“ControlUp leads the next generation of performance automation of information systems, distributed among offices and endpoints, in any organization, anytime, anywhere, in a virtual or physical environment. It gives the organization a complete picture of its network performance. Through Artificial Intelligence the company enables learning of best practices in parallel networks and performance improvement in real time. We are proud of our partnership with Asaf Ganot and Yoni Avital, entrepreneurs who have built a significant company and are bringing Israeli excellence to the forefront of the world stage. They are on their way to building a leading global company.”

— Erel Margalit, founder and chairman of JVP

“K1 is excited to partner with JVP and the ControlUp team as they continue their impressive expansion in the end-user computing space. ControlUp has a unique solution for managing technology environments for businesses that seek to improve the user and employee experience. Their approach is simple and accessible and solves the real-world problems that businesses need to succeed.”

— Hasan Askari, managing partner at K1