Healthcare Supply Chain Company Curvo Labs Closes $2 Million In Funding

By Annie Baker ● Oct 28, 2019
  • Healthcare supply chain and sourcing technology company Curvo Labs has raised $2 million in funding led by Snake Run Capital and Elevate Ventures

Curvo Labs — a healthcare supply chain and sourcing technology company — announced it raised $2 million in funding led by Snake Run Capital and Elevate Ventures. Founded by Andy Perry and Steve Suhrheinrich in 2013, Curvo runs a technology platform for strategic clinical spend management that equips hospital supply chain leaders and CFOs with the ability to reduce costs while maintaining quality.

“We started this company to drive cost out of healthcare, and today’s announcement is about further delivering on that mission. The deployment of our new, leading-edge AI platform for advanced data enrichment, the deepening of our clinical service line offerings, and the release of advanced automation to scale up workflows will bring direct customer value and critical mission fulfillment from this funding round,” said Curvo CEO and co-founder Andy Perry. “Further, I’m beyond excited to welcome Kent Parker into a greater role in the company as Board Chair. Kent is a Top 5 expert in the field of spend management and a seasoned SaaS investor and executive. His contribution to Curvo and to the success of our customers is invaluable.”

Curvo Labs has seen revenue growth of more than 5X since the last funding round in 2017. And Curvo Labs will use the funds to expand the leadership team and further develop the product offering.

“Healthcare supply chain is unique. It requires specialized data and industry core competency to drive savings and change in the supply chain. During my time as a board member for Curvo, I have seen first-hand how their creativity, insight and real-world data empowers healthcare supply chain leaders. I’m excited by the continued progress Curvo has made and thrilled to lead another round of investment. I enthusiastically support Curvo’s mission and their future,” added Kent Parker, founder and president of Snake Run Capital.

In conjunction with the funding round, Parker will begin serving as Curvo’s Board Chair.

“As a longtime investor in Curvo, we are excited to see the company take its technology and its business to the next level,” explained Christopher LaMothe, CEO of Elevate Ventures. “The deep industry knowledge and understanding of clinical efficacy needed for successful spend management in healthcare creates a powerful opportunity for Curvo to differentiate in supply chain. Curvo has continually demonstrated an attitude of innovation that has led to a significant shift in the way supply chain leaders and clinicians alike view purchasing decisions, and we are looking forward to what comes next for Curvo.”