Customer Success Company Totango Raises $100 Million

By Dan Anderson ● Oct 4, 2021
  • Totango, a customer success leader in leveraging data for orchestrating and transforming revenue experiences, announced it raised $100 million. These are the details.

Totango — a customer success leader in leveraging data for orchestrating and transforming revenue experiences — announced recently it raised $100 million in Series D funding. This funding round was led by Great Hill Partners. And existing Totango investors also participated in the round including BGV, Pitango Ventures, and Canvas. This funding round is expected to accelerate Totango’s leadership by funding expansion of Totango’s unique product-led-growth (PLG) go-to-market strategy, product development, and other strategic growth initiatives.

Building customer journeys that meet both customer expectations, as well as revenue performance, is a major challenge. And business teams are forced to use separate, unintegrated tools to map, design, build, and run customer engagement programs. As a result, they cannot close the Revenue Experience Gap fast enough and end up with non-competitive customer experiences and revenue leakages.

Totango had pioneered SuccessBLOCs, which is a visual, no-code, modular technology that allows companies of any size to rapidly and continuously design, optimize and run every aspect of their customer journey. And now thousands of customers use Totango’s products to onboard new customers, drive adoption and value for their users, and proactively detect and resolve churn risks. Totango’s focus on ease of use and automated, self-administration has a significantly lower cost of ownership than any of its competitors with demonstrated ROI of 23+ points in churn reduction, 136% year-over-year expansion growth, and significant improvements in brand reputation.

Launched in 2010, Totango has been on a hyper-growth trajectory reflecting strong demand for the company’s software due to the heightened importance of customer success and digital engagements. And Totango’s modular software with its intuitive design, flexible architecture, and exceptional scalability has driven widespread adoption with thousands of businesses of all sizes using Totango from a team of two to large complex global organizations. This milestone follows an active year for Totango – which saw 313% year-over-year growth and the launch of the industry’s first and only free-forever customer success platform.


“Since its inception, Totango has been at the forefront of customer success. In an age where hybrid work by remote teams has become the norm and the rate of change has increased exponentially, customer success technology that is visual, modular, and easy to implement and use has become more critical than ever. Our rapid growth demonstrates our product, which removes the friction to design, run and scale customer journeys, has become a necessity for businesses to orchestrate first-class customer experiences that drive revenue growth, at scale.”

— Guy Nirpaz, Founder and CEO of Totango

“As one of the original entrants into the customer success market, Totango has emerged as a clear leader in an exciting industry through its relentless focus on customers, product innovation, and thought leadership. We are excited to support the Company’s continued growth as it capitalizes on the large, underpenetrated market opportunity ahead and delivers best-in-class customer success experiences for businesses of all sizes.”

— Christopher Gaffney, Managing Director at Great Hill Partners