DataBlend: iPaaS Provider Company Raises Seed Funding Round

By Annie Baker ● Sep 28, 2023

DataBlend – a leading finance-focused Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) provider – recently announced that it raised seed funding led by FreshTracks Capital and The Dudley Fund. And DataBlend founder Ethan Carlson noted that investors from Vermont joined the company’s mission to provide secure and stress-free data integrations for finance and accounting professionals. And as a native of Vermont, Carlson finds it exciting to see the local investment community supporting his company’s vision.

DataBlend has experienced rapid growth in the last two years. And its customer base has expanded to more than 600 organizations, and its partner network has expanded to more than 25 resellers, including RKL eSolutions, SWK Technologies, Wipfli, and Net at Work, and other software publishers, including Fluence Technologies.


“DataBlend is truly unique in that it brings the power of iPaaS to accounting and finance teams at small-to-medium organizations and high-growth enterprises. DataBlend’s growing list of customers and partners demonstrates the effectiveness of its focused strategy and robust solution. FreshTracks’ investment in DataBlend reflects our confidence in the team’s ability and commitment to empowering finance professionals to automate dataflows across their tech stack, streamlining operations and allowing them to make better data-driven decisions.”

— Lee Bouyea, Managing Director at FreshTracks Capital

“As a former CFO, I founded DataBlend with the sole purpose of making it easy for other CFOs, controllers, and their teams to connect the applications they use every day, without having to rely on IT. To make this happen, we set out to build a solution that is cost-effective, secure, and easy to implement. With the support of FreshTracks and Dudley Fund, we will continue to enhance our product and expand its use at organizations across the US, Europe, and Australia.”

— DataBlend founder Ethan Carlson

“The Dudley Fund is committed to helping entrepreneurs build impactful companies here in Vermont. We’ve partnered with Ethan and the team at DataBlend to support them as they accelerate operations and take root here in the state. DataBlend’s capabilities around data integration and automation provide a superior market offering for accounting and finance leaders and I’m excited for the Dudley Fund to play a part in DataBlend’s strategic growth.”

— John Antonucci, Managing Partner at Dudley Fund

“DataBlend has reached a significant milestone by securing our seed funding. This round adds to the financial support provided by our founder, Ethan Carlson, and strategic partner, J2 Interactive. These two early investors believed that there was a huge opportunity to work directly with finance and accounting teams. They were right and their support allowed us to attract a talented team, build an enterprise-level product, and gain momentum with our target audience.”

— DataBlend’s CEO, David Furth

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