DataXu Optimizes Ad Buying Across Multiple Platforms

By Amit Chowdhry ● Sep 16, 2009

DataXu is a start-up based in Boston, MA that was founded by MIT alumni and other technology entrepreneurs. The goal of the company is to help advertisers optimize campaigns across multiple platforms such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!

The service is intended to help advertisers more than publishers who are looking for increased returns on investment. DataXu makes ad purchasing recommendations based on qualitative data in real-time.

“On the marketplaces, sellers get guarantees about the impressions that will be sold for the highest bid price above the specified reserve, and buyers can use the exchange to supplement their online campaigns with low-cost impressions,” stated Robin Wauters, an editor at TechCrunch. “The DataXu platform values, bid manages and buys ads on an impression-by-impression basis, across the major ad exchanges and based on smart algorithms.”

DataXu has the capabilities to make recommendations within milliseconds using the proprietary algorithms that the engineers have come up with at the company. Thus far, DataXu has been testing their algorithm on Yahoo!’s ad inventory system and now they plan to add the Google Ad Exchange platform.

DataXu has about $7.8 million in funding from Atlas Ventures and Flybridge Capital. The company is led by President and CEO Mike Baker.